Advantages of Print Advertising

Date PublishedApril 24, 2012
PULSE Interactive

Advantages of Print Advertising


PRINT PUBLICATIONS have been an important marketing medium for advertisers ever since the first print ads began to appear in the 1700’s. They have become the number one medium for engagement across all channels, outperforming other forms of media in promoting positive shifts in purchasing decisions.


Oilfield PULSE is the trade journal of choice for advertisers who want to be seen. Whether you’re a large organization or a one man shop Oilfield PULSE allows you to showcase your business to the Oilfield HUB community as well as the oil and gas industry.


However in the digital age you may be asking yourself why you should consider advertising in a magazine? There are 4 key reasons why:


1.     Dedicated, Loyal Readers:

While most advertising options are generally considered an intrusion on the recipient, magazines attract dedicated, loyal readers. They are considered to be one of the most believable and trustworthy sources of information, providing accessibility to a wide variety of audiences in every issue, with an ever growing subscription base.


2.     Frequency and Reach:

Magazines enjoy the longest lifespan of any marketing medium.  They are typically kept for a longer period of time with great reach potential, getting passed from colleague to family to friends to businesses etc. Content is always current and fresh and we intend to execute that by 10; the number of issues we’ll be producing each year.


3.     Target a Specific Audience:

Trade journals like Oilfield PULSE take the connection between reader and advertiser a step further by attracting specific audiences. Advertisers are an integral part of the audiences reading experience and a great means of keeping abreast of new suppliers, products, and industry trends. Trade journals create the opportunity to increase your sales by targeting the right audience with the right products and services, in the right issues.


4.     Brand Recognition and Credibility:

Trade journals that provide meaningful content and advertisements attract loyal readers; such readers pay closer attention; and that translates into advertisements being noticed. Well-crafted ads create brand recognition; when people know your name they are one step closer to being a client.  We are dedicated to making Oilfield PULSE a publication that people will look forward to receiving.


Our sales team is devoted to ensuring that Oilfield PULSE gets into the hands of the decision makers of every energy company in Western Canada. These are our target readers who we are certain will welcome the information, content and advertisements about our loyal Oilfield HUB members and our Oilfield PULSE advertisers!