Are You an Oil & Gas Supplier?

HUB Connect is your link to the Buyers that want to use your services.

A one-stop-shop that Buyers go to for service and supply availability. It’s the best online source of information about your company and the services you provide.

A community where you can promote all your products and services and quickly respond to bid requests.

Make it easier for your Buyers to do business with you and drive new Buyers to your door!

Are You an Oil & Gas Buyer?

Oilfield HUB provides Producers & EPC’s with an efficient way to select, connect and manage vendors and the work they do, eliminating much of the effort and risk of vendor management.

The true power lies in the inter-connectivity of data:

KNOW your vendors
LEVERAGE their capabilities
UNDERSTAND your daily costs
MANAGE your business in real-time

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Are You in Need of Procurement?

Procurement HUB was conceived from our successful Oilfield HUB service. Oilfield HUB incorporates several vendor management, procurement and sourcing service features which can be used across several industry segments. We retained all of these sought-after service features, stripped out the oil & gas components to give you our sister product, Procurement HUB.

From manufacturing, to clean energy, to construction, there’s no doubt Procurement HUB will fill the void for any industry in need of procurement!

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