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Arawak Welding Inc. Is Open For Business

Date PublishedNovember 26, 2015
CompanyArawak Welding Inc.
Article AuthorKaren Keith
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Arawak Welding Inc. Is Open For Business

Arawak Welding Inc. Is Open For Business on Oilfield HUB

One of Calgary’s most dynamic welding and fabrication companies is now open for business on Oilfield HUB. Leadstone Group proudly introduces Arawak Welding Inc. Arawak specializes in pressure piping/spooling and small skid packages. Their services include custom fabrication, power piping, heavy equipment repairs and hydro testing. They’ve set the bar high with superior products and services available on site, or in their specialty shop in Calgary, Alberta. They keep a tight rein on their high standards and are firmly committed to their client’s deadlines and delivery requirements.

Arawak’s dedication to high quality craftsmanship and integrity speaks for itself with a welding accuracy rating recorded at over 99% with x-rays and hydro testing. The company is meticulous in its processes, offering streamlined procedures, precise documentation and weekly progress reporting. Their calculated approach means consistent, high quality products and services that continuously meet industry standards and exceed customer expectation. Oilfield HUB clients can trust Arawak to get the job done right all the time-every time.

Arawak has a proven track record of quality workmanship and accurate results. Their certifications include ABSA (Alberta Boiler Safety Association) and CWB (The Canadian Welding Bureau).

Arawak Welding Inc. Is Open For Business on Oilfield HUB Arawak Welding Inc. Is Open For Business on Oilfield HUB Arawak Welding Inc. Is Open For Business on Oilfield HUB

Arawak delivers quality, workmanship and customer service. They operate with integrity building trust with clients and earning repeat business. They respect customer requirements, budgets and deadlines, also allowing room for any unexpected issues that may arise. They diligently review customer drawings and ensure that calculations are correct before commencing any operation. They bring potential concerns to the client’s attention for any necessary revisions, saving customers time and money. Arawak is working with veracity to build its reputation as a great company to work with and for.

Arawak adheres to a code of respect and fairness in the workplace. They have earned their SECOR (Small Employers Certificate of Recognition). They attribute their unparalleled standards and polished final product, in part, to their satisfied and well seasoned team of professionals. Arawak employs a diverse group of experts certified to produce quality and dedicated to continuous upgrading and training to stay on top of an ever changing marketplace. Their team of expert trades-people include Journeyman Welders, B Pressure Welders and Ticket Fabricators working hard to serve clients better.

Arawak offers Oilfield HUB clients precision and unparalleled quality in its products and services. They deliver an exceptionally high standard of workmanship and an experience designed to exceed expectations.  For more information on these services or to contact Arawak Welding directly visit their microsite here or click on the HUB Search Button below.

Karen Keith
Director, Client Relations
Leadstone Group Inc.

Karen Keith - Member Relations Manager