Bigfoot Industrial Services Ltd. Is Open For Business

Date PublishedDecember 24, 2015
CompanyBigfoot Industrial Services Ltd.
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Bigfoot Industrial Services Ltd. Is Open For Business

Bigfoot Industrial Services Ltd. Is Open For Business

Leadstone Group proudly introduces Bigfoot Industrial Services Ltd. A full service millwright company which is now open for business on Oilfield HUB. Bigfoot Industrial offers installation, maintenance, repair and fabrication of industrial process machinery, and specializes in precision mechanical work and preventative maintenance. They have the tools, knowledge and experience to tackle any machine with confidence, including pumps and seals, hydraulics and compressors, and shredders and pneumatics.

Bigfoot Industrial provides quality services on site, from their office headquarters in Airdrie, Alberta or from their one-stop shop in Calgary, Alberta. Their professional team of highly qualified industrial mechanics and millwrights offer a variety of specialized skills to bring stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment into prime condition. Clients experience a work environment where their equipment operates smoothly and effectively at peak performance. Bigfoot is helping its clients increase productivity, reduce downtime and get on top of potential mechanical problems before they become a time consuming issue that affects their bottom line.

Bigfoot Industrial Services Ltd. Is Open For Business Bigfoot Industrial Services Ltd. Is Open For Business Bigfoot Industrial Services Ltd. Is Open For Business

In business since 2010, Bigfoot Industrial encourages HUB clients to protect company time and assets with its preventative maintenance program. They offer proactive long term solutions to keep machinery operating in an optimal state. The oil and gas industry puts its machinery through the acid test with fast paced operations that are forward driven and run over extended periods of time. The pressure is on for industry process machinery. Equipment can continue to operate in a way that appears normal even after small scale components have stopped working at full capacity. A damaged rivet or a frayed belt can easily go unnoticed placing unnecessary strain on other components of a machine, ultimately reducing its life span and driving up company costs. Preventive maintenance of the machinery essential to any business just makes sense. For some companies, significant loss of production can result while equipment undergoes huge repairs that could have been mitigated with regularly scheduled maintenance. Bigfoot Industrial’s skilled technical team will get equipment functioning to specification and then show companies how a rigorous maintenance plan can extend machine operations significantly. Bigfoot Industrial’s preventative maintenance program is just plain smart.

Bigfoot Industrial’s primary focus is customer satisfaction and retention. They strive to build long term relationships with clients and adhere to the adage that no job is complete without 100% customer satisfaction. Companies are experiencing the top quality service from expert trades-people at a competitive rate and making Bigfoot Industrial their vendor for life.

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Bigfoot Industrial Services Ltd. Open for Business

Karen Keith
Director, Client Relations
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