Building Your Business Community

Date PublishedApril 24, 2012
PULSE Interactive

Building Your Business Community


As the CEO of Leadstone Group, I’d like to personally welcome and thank you for taking the time to check out this sampler issue of Oilfield PULSE, our new trade journal spotlighting the service and supply players of the energy business, focusing on people and events and the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. More on Oilfield PULSE in a bit, but first let me tell you a little about our company and highlight for you the one-two punch we think will be provided by Oilfield HUB and Oilfield PULSE.


As an Oracle CRM reseller and sales consultancy, Leadstone is dedicated to helping our clients create new connections and grow their business. We’re a team of seasoned sales and marketing professionals drawn from complimentary backgrounds. Our sweet spot and a central pillar of our company, is planning and executing sales force automation driven sales and marketing plans on behalf of clients, with a singular goal in mind; to promote and sell their products and services.


Our sales motto is, gross cures all ills’. We take this to mean there is simply no substitute in sales for hard work and the tenacity required to make new connections for our clients each and every day. Our approach is quite systematic. Develop a pool of qualified prospects, put across a well-defined and consistent sales pitch, and be personable and approachable at every stage of the sales process. Do this repeatedly, combined with creative marketing, and you simply cannot fail over time. Sales will undoubtedly ensue! I’m delighted to tell you that this methodology and drive, which has served us so well working with clients individually, is the same successful formula we are extending to the benefit of our members in Oilfield HUB and the advertisers in Oilfield PULSE.


Throughout this sampler issue, and in the article by our company president Ashley Burns, you will be introduced to Leadstone’s Oilfield HUB service. I like to think of Oilfield HUB this way.


We’re building an online ecosystem of oil and gas business people, the companies they represent, and the products and services they provide. Our mission is to connect these people, the sellers in the industry, with energy companies and their personnel, guiding these buyers to our members’ products and services. Oilfield HUB is fueled by our diverse collection of fully optimized member microsites. The HUB Search Engine is the ignition that enables anyone using Oilfield Hub to source new products and services and connect with our members with laser-like precision. The accelerator behind Oilfield HUB is our Leadstone sales and marketing teams dedicated to promoting the Oilfield HUB community with intensive daily sales calling and an innovative marketing channel, our trade journal, Oilfield PULSE!


I would like to take this opportunity to highlight for you a couple of reasons why Oilfield PULSE is a very different type of publishing endeavor and one deserving of your consideration. Under the capable leadership of our Publisher, Jim Graham, who has joined us after twenty five years with The Roughneck, we couldn’t be more optimistic about the months ahead.


We are dedicated to putting our advertisers in front of every decision maker in the energy business. Our top priority is not ad count per issue, but the reach and depth of our subscriber base, which we call our ‘prospect list’ to remind ourselves that we’re not a company of ad sales people, but of sales people selling and promoting our advertisers’ businesses.


Oilfield PULSE and Oilfield HUB; the best one-two punch for your advertising dollars, fronted by Leadstone’s dedicated sales team determined to promote – and sell – your products and services across Western Canada and beyond.