Calgary Women in Energy

Date PublishedNovember 12, 2013
CompanyCalgary Women In Energy
Article AuthorAnne-Marie Rush, Carissa De La Vega
Article TypeNovember 2013 Issue
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Calgary Women in Energy


Calgary Women in Energy (CWIE) is an independent non-profit membership society dedicated to promoting, supporting, and empowering professional women in the Energy sector in Calgary, Alberta.

CWIE’s activities revolve around four pillars:

  1. Education
  2. Mentorship
  3. Community Involvement
  4. Networking

In CWIE’s previous article, we introduced you to the society and its history. This article focuses on the educational component of the group.

Often described by members as their favorite CWIE initiative, the monthly technical sessions have become a valuable source for knowledge and current industry happenings. The technical sessions are a judgment-free environment where members can learn about all facets of the energy industry, or, as one of our directors likes to call it, “Education Beyond One’s Cubicle”. Leading experts are invited to share their specialized knowledge on a monthly basis. This provides the opportunity for members to tap into a wealth of experience and gain a better overall understanding of the various areas of the Energy sector.

Some of the topics covered this past year include:

  • TransCanada presentation on the Keystone pipeline
  • Downhole cameras and their importance for drilling operations
  • SAGD operations and their environmental initiatives
  • Roles of EPC’s and EPCM’s in operations
  • IT security risks for major oil and gas companies and how to mitigate them
  • Sucker-rod pumping basics and well optimization, which is the role of fracking in drilling operations

In further support of offering CWIE’s members the opportunity to expand their knowledge, we were thrilled to once again offer an “Oil & Gas 101” course free of charge, not just to members, but also to the industry at large. In proud partnership with Suncor, CWIE offered nine weeks of classes that took place over lunch hour for those looking to expand their understanding of a unique energy environment. For the second year in a row, the program was a huge success, and plans are already underway for next year’s sessions.Image_2

One of the highlights this year was an exclusive session with the Alberta Energy Minister, the Honorable Ken Hughes. Over an intimate breakfast, discussions included the initiatives of the Alberta Government to increase awareness of our industry on a global scale and our sector s national economic impact. Our members were honored and humbled by the Minister s candor and genuine interest in CWIE. We extend our gratitude for his enthusiasm and presence.

Working in such a diverse industry means we tend to focus on specialized areas. Through the exposure of the various speakers and topics, our members gain a breadth of information, arming us with invaluable knowledge of our ever-changing environment.

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