Choose Not to Participate in Economic Downturns

Date PublishedJanuary 21, 2015
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Choose Not to Participate in Economic Downturns

economic-crisisWhen the economy takes a dip, like the recent drop in the price of a barrel of oil, leaders and salespeople alike typically stop doing their behaviors out of fear or frustration. Fear of “stretching themselves thin” and frustrated because “nobody is buying.”

The former is hilarious, and the latter is ridiculous.

When the economy crashed in 2009, prospects still bought. They may have bought less than they had before the crash, but they still bought from someone.

7032c492-9343-437f-8f80-bb9ecd1a6a26.jpgThe leaders and salespeople who chose to accept the brutal reality of their situation and still continue to do their behaviors came out of the 2009 downturn significantly farther ahead of their competitors, who chose to sit under their desks with their hands over their head.

“Behavior” is Sandler’s word for the activities that help grow your business each day, week, or month.

Top_Recession_Proof__JobsIn my experience, when a downturn hits the most common strategy for salespeople is “hold and pray.” That is, hold on to existing business and pray that either a) their existing clients don’t cut back their buying too much or b) their clients don’t go out of business.

A strategy my clients follow is “grow and plunder.” That is even though the economy is slowing down, they proactively seek to grow their existing client base while creating opportunities to plunder their competitor’s client base.

If your behaviors are consistent, your results will be consistent. If your behaviors are random, your results will be erratic. Choose to opt out of an economic downturn by doing your behaviors each day in the face of overwhelming reasons not to.

Hamish Knox

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Hamish Knox is the author of ‘Accountability the Sandler Way’ and the owner of a Sandler Training Centre in Calgary, Alberta.