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Want to learn more out the Oilfield HUB online business community, and its companion services, our Oilfield PULSE magazine and digital content marketing channel for the oil and gas industry, PULSE Interactive?

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Take your offline and online marketing to the next level with the Advantage Custom Cover program or maximize your advertising dollars with new digital content marketing strategies ……..

Cast a wider marketing net and share your company’s message and stories through your PULSE Interactive dedicated company page. Don’t wait, get your free page created and start today! – See more at: PULSE Interactive


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Service and Supply companies …….
Experience the inside track to more business by responding to bid requests, orders and sourcing inquiries through a self-guided private tour of the HUB

Exploration and Production companies ……..
Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies …….

Share in our vision covering new ways to better manage supply chain order processing and to enhance communications and collaboration with your preferred vendors

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