Controlling Your Future Through Brand Recognition

Date PublishedNovember 26, 2013
CompanyLonghorn Casing Tools
Article AuthorLindsay Harle
Article TypePULSE Interactive Newsletter Nov. 2013
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Controlling Your Future Through Brand Recognition

How Longhorn is Strategically Building Their Company

“At the end of the day, you want to be the controller of your future and your destiny” believes Trevor Montgomery, VP Administration for Longhorn, previously Fill Movers Inc.

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And controlling Longhorn’s growth is his current destiny. After Longhorn’s custom cover and story featured in Oilfield PULSE’s January 2013 issue, we sat down with Montgomery to learn what impact the custom cover had on Longhorn’s brand, growth and industry recognition.

At the time, Longhorn was looking to really impact the oil and gas market with their drilling technology. “We really wanted a third party to…give us a legitimate base because our technology’s really out in the market, so we saw [Oilfield PULSE] as a vehicle for doing that,” Montgomery said.

“In front of our customers, it really changed their perspective on what we’re about and what business we’re doing and really put us on a different playing field, even perception wise, on where we’re trying to go.”

With the eye-catching, impressive custom cover design, Longhorn was able to engage with a wider audience they weren’t able to previously reach. The cover drew people to the inside article about the company, informing readers about the positive strides Longhorn’s technology is having on the drilling industry. “It really drew people into our advertising which was on the inside cover, and then to the story… there was an association made between the cover and the 4 pages that were inside; all about what we’re doing!” The ultimate benefit: their products and company stood out, where they otherwise could have been lost.

Along with higher recognition, Longhorn benefited from the passive online advertising. The article within the magazine was posted online, allowing Longhorn to reach an even wider audience than with just the print magazine. To Montgomery, he recognized that through Oilfield PULSE’s online avenues – Oilfield HUB and PULSE Interactive – vendors, potential clients, and clients were able to see Longhorn actively building their brand and continually improving their drilling technology.

According to Montgomery, “In the oil patch today, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you have to show people that you’re making roots…otherwise you look like you’re stagnant.” The passive advertising online, he found, was a great way to demonstrate that Longhorn is growing and continuing to build not just its brand, but the quality of its products as well. By having the article in print and online, more people were able to identify what makes Longhorn unique as a growing company within their field.

When asked if Longhorn would ever do another custom cover, Montgomery was enthusiastic for future product launches, breaking into new markets, or even making company announcements. “The value is there…If [Longhorn] were to look at trying to announce anything, it might be a good idea. Even if we were breaking into new markets, or if we were to try to come up with a new invention…when those come out, I’m sure we’ll probably look at doing something again.”

Lindsay Harle, Staff Writer, PULSE Interactive