Custom Manufacturing and Production Runs of Precision Steel and Aluminum Parts

Date PublishedSeptember 19, 2013
CompanyReidco Metal Industries Ltd.
Article AuthorReidco Metal Industries Ltd.
Article TypeJune 2013 Issue
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Custom Manufacturing and Production Runs of Precision Steel and Aluminum Parts

Setting Industry Standards

Reidco Metal Industries Ltd. specializes in custom manufacturing and production runs of precision steel and aluminum parts. With more than 30 years experience, the company has gained a reputation for its high quality fabrication expertise and excellent customer service, supplying literally thousands of different parts to customers in Canada and the United States.

Reidco parts and components are manufactured to meet the requirements of a wide range of industries, including the exacting standards of U.S. military vehicles, the long-wearing reliability of the heavy-duty trucking industry, the precise tolerances of the electronics industry and the rugged durability of the oilfield service industry. From our 65,000 square foot facility our manufacturing processes include shearing, CNC punching and stamping, laser cutting, CNC forming and welding to CWB certification for both steel and aluminum. We have a stable, highly trained and experienced workforce of skilled trades professionals and engineers and our strategic location allows us to keep overhead costs low, which is reflected in our competitive pricing. Our Pro-E, Autocad and Solidworks modeling capabilities ensure accuracy when handling the tight tolerances in customer product specifications. The company is ISO 9001 (2008) certified to ensure consistent high quality for all parts and components.

Reidco has been a supplier to Ecoquip since 2006 and is very proud to be part of the supply chain to such a high quality oriented manufacturer.