Denarii Well Servicing is Open for Business on the HUB

Date PublishedDecember 17, 2014
CompanyDenarii Well Servicing
Article AuthorAndrea Turko
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Denarii Well Servicing is Open for Business on the HUB

Please join Leadstone Group in welcoming Denarii Well Servicing to the Oilfield HUB online business community! Denarii Well Servicing is an energy services company located in Camrose, Alberta, focused on finding innovative and creative solutions to their clients’ challenging projects.

Since 2003, Denarii has been doing just that, providing clients with unique well servicing solutions. Adding to the HUB’s extensive company listings and product / service database, Denarii specializes in completions, work-overs, abandonments, rod jobs, and pump repairs. Whatever the problem, no project is too large a challenge for Denarii.

Led by Mike Dowker, and built around a love of rigs, Denarii believes in doing a job right the first time around, without over complicating things. It’s about working with clients, bringing

innovation, smarts, and resourcefulness in finding a solution that’s ethical and can be completed in a safe manner. In their 20,000 square foot Camrose facility, Denarii has the flexibility to safely modify their rigs to fit with their clients’ requests, making for a more effective and streamlined project.

Through a combination of unique backgrounds, education, and experience, Denarii focuses on developing the right crews to work on client projects, while implementing safety guidelines and policies each step of the way.

Safety, innovation, tenacity, and collaboration make up Denarii’s combination for delivering results to their clients. To learn more about how Denarii’s creative solutions can benefit your next well servicing project, or to connect with Mike Dowker and his team, contact Denarii at:

or visit their HUB microsite at:

Andrea Turko
Communications Director
Leadstone Group Inc.