The Entrepreneur: An Opportunist or Realist

Date PublishedApril 21, 2015
CompanyJoel West Consulting Ltd.
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The Entrepreneur: An Opportunist or Realist

Resource Management Innovation Oilfield PULSE Newsletter April 2015

An entrepreneur knows what they want, and by watching others, they know they can do it better. They’re not fit as an employee, and with no question in their mind, they will change the way others think. When a decision is made to be an entrepreneur, it could be the pivotal moment when they discover a new path or change direction completely, which leads to a new vision. The tenacity to move forward through the unknown is something all entrepreneurs have in common, as well as passion and grit. Passion lights a fire inside of them but carries them through the hard times. Grit is the diligence and drive to get the job done no matter what the circumstances are.

While the best entrepreneurs have many defining characteristics that are what you would expect, there are many types of people who become successful entrepreneurs.

HUB-Agency-Partner-IconNow, entrepreneurs can be described as the opportunist with a 1,000 ideas and no idea where to start. Or, they can be known as the realist with the 1,000 ideas who can sort through what is realistic and strategize a steady course to reach the great opportunity.

The opportunist will sling all the mud to the wall in the hopes it will stick. As probability would have it, one might work. Great opportunities do happen by luck and work out for all who are involved, but more often than not, this scattered entrepreneur is exhausted and disappointed in a hurry.

The realist entrepreneur has the same spirit as the opportunist and big dreams, but they can set pipe dreams aside by turning them into a vision and an obtainable goal. They can reach success by moving along one step at a time.

Oilfield HUB Newsletter April 2015

Both are a lifestyle, and not a 9 to 5 job. You already have the answer it is worth it, so which entrepreneur are you? The opportunist or the realist, and do you have the plan and tools to succeed? Or, are you going to keep slinging mud?

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