Get the Competitive Edge with Leading Edge

Date PublishedSeptember 26, 2013
CompanyLeading Edge Sales & Rentals Ltd.
Article AuthorDoug Whitaker
Article TypeJune 2013 Issue
PULSE Interactive

Get the Competitive Edge with Leading Edge

Leading Edge Artificial Lift Systems Ltd. was founded in 2007 by Bryan Shields, Troy Shields and Doug Whitaker. We are a proud dealer and service provider of Ecoquip Rentals and Sales Ltd. In our search for the leading edge of the pump jack world, we came across various designs but none more advanced than that of the Ecoquip 9000 series hydraulic pump jacks. These pump jacks have the ability to test and optimize production with the touch of a button and the dependability that surpasses expectation under all conditions. Leading Edge ALS provides rentals, sales and service for Northwest Alberta and British Columbia. With the specialized two-man crew, Leading Edge can have the Ecoquip pump jack up and pumping within 3 hrs after arriving on-site. Whether your company needs to test a well, or for long term low impact rod pumping, Ecoquip pump jacks are the way to go.

Leading Edge ALS provides well optimization services as well as being a supplier of various Plunger Lift Systems. From fluid shots to dyno’s, Leading Edge ALS technicians will help you keep your production on track. Our team is always researching new technologies to increase your production and provide the support to make it work.

Leading Edge Sales and Rentals Ltd. was founded in 1995 by Bryan Shields in Manning, AB. When Bryan was old enough to reach the pedals in his dad’s old farm truck, he knew then that he was meant to be on the open road. After he graduated high school, Bryan started his own cattle hauling business. He learned a lot about business, people and friendships. Over the years he learned that trucking was like farming, once it is in your blood, it flows right into your heart. The oilfield was the next step to further his trucking ambition. Leading Edge started with hot shot trucks and a small picker. As the years went by, the trucks got bigger.1

Today, 35 ton tri-drive tandem steer cranes are used for the bigger lifts and 22 ton knuckle pickers for the specialty lifts. Our 35 ton crane has a longer stick than most at 100Ft; this is due to the demand of the gas plants and oil batteries to reach higher and farther, but nimble enough to move rigs and pipe. The 22 ton knuckle picker was rigged up by Leading Edge with the intent to solve the impossible task of getting larger engines and compressors out of buildings without having to remove or dismantle buildings. Leading Edge is always looking for innovations to make lifting and hoisting a safe and enjoyable part of the daily operations of the Patch. Leading Edge is equipped for your oilfield transportation needs.

Leading Edge recently expanded to become an agent of Rosenau Transport Ltd. Rosenau is a large LTL freight company in Western Canada. Leading Edge is proud to provide Terminals in Peace River and Manning, Alberta. With our help, Rosenau Transport will expand to the north and provide a local view on customer support. Rosenau was built on service and Leading Edge will help them provide it.