GO4You’s Strategic Advantage in the IT/BPO Industry

Date PublishedFebruary 13, 2014
CompanyGlobal Outsourcing 4 You
Article AuthorRobynne Ong
Article TypePULSE Interactive Newsletter Feb. 2014
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GO4You’s Strategic Advantage in the IT/BPO Industry

Your Strategic Advantage Towards Managing Your Business


Global Outsourcing 4 You (GO4You) is a Canadian owned company (Condor Solutions Ltd.) operating since 1980 which specializes in the Point of Sale Business (VAR) with customers across Canada and United States.

We opened an office in Metro Manila, Philippines and offered a new business strategy for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) and pioneered in the IT/BPO Industry in providing Outsourcing Solutions by placing full-time dedicated Virtual Staff to our accounts that would best fit their qualifications and skillsets. Our Outsourcing Solutions cater to different types of business models around the world and visions to manage each of our accounts with a “personal touch” type of approach.  This will benefit any company for the present and future of their business in lowering their cost, increase customer experience, productivity and create major competitive advantages.

As GO4You continues to evolve, we have been able to achieve in-depth  understanding on how to attain success. We understand why some organizations are effective users of IT/BPO/ Outsourcing while others have mixed experiences due to prematurely going to a large-scale outsourcing that seriously damaged their business.  Failures and disappointments will continue to occur if the top level management do not devote proper attention and utmost concern in attaining Client satisfaction using BPO and selecting a partner that understands their business or how that relationship can affect their customer experience.

Perfect example of which is Condor Solutions Ltd. who had the firsthand experience in outsourcing and has a better understanding of the challenges and benefits it can bring to its business and with this type of knowledge and experience, it empowered Condor to provide a quality and excellent outsourcing solutions and services to our Clients.

Dave Appleton, President of GO4You and Condor Solutions Ltd., resided in the Philippines for almost a year and a half and married a Filipina named Anabel. It was never easy for him to live in a different country but he eventually learned to embrace the differences of the Filipino culture vs. Canadian customs and traditions.  He went back to Canada and took over the POS Company – Condor Solutions Ltd., and because of his keen eye for business he saw the potential of outsourcing Filipinos mainly because of their excellent English communication skills (which are taught from K-12) and most especially their attitude and devotion towards work.

Condor Solutions’ challenge is they always need to hire someone locally so they can service out customers on-site but what if this type of work can be done over the phone, computer and internet instead of being stuck in their desk taking care of the phone calls while they can just go out and do more sales opportunities, strengthen the relationship with customers and grow the business? Given this scenario – can Condor Solutions hire someone virtually with the philosophy of a “work from home” type of position.

Dave and Anabel worked hand in hand in building the business in Canada and in the Philippines. Together, they were able to unify two diverse cultures and solidify the idea of outsourcing a Virtual Staff. They hired full-time dedicated virtual staff employees for Condor Solutions Ltd. who will answer phone calls and perform IT Support, Dispatching of Service Tickets, Menu Building and Training of customers, Programming, Accounting and anything that can be done remotely via phone, computer and internet.

This is the type of business strategy we are talking about and how SME’s must position themselves as a hybrid company in hiring.

“If I need to hire one IT Support person to take the pressure off my local support team, how could I significantly change my business if I hire 3 IT Support Virtual Staff for the same price as one locally?”

As a result – Condor Solutions Ltd. was able to offer their local customer base unlimited support and training through their Filipino Virtual Staff.  Customers were more satisfied with the ongoing unlimited training for 90 days right after the installation and it reduced the onsite installation time.

Managing a business such as outsourcing is not only very challenging but rewarding as well. We are not only helping clients build their business locally (local hiring) but also providing good paying jobs for Filipinos enabling them to support their families and to provide them an opportunity to work abroad.

Like any other companies, we have gone through several downfalls and pains as our business grows but because it also affected Condor Solutions Ltd. customer-base there were a lot of learning points that dramatically changed how the business runs and eventually became beneficial in providing excellent and quality service to our clients.

GO4You is not just selling “Virtual Staff” without its firsthand experience and that is why we have an edge among other BPO companies because we apply a personal touch in managing our Virtual Staff and attending to our Client’s needs. This is achieved by simply understanding the cultural differences and knowing how to overcome it.