Happy 65th Anniversary Leduc #1

Date PublishedJune 12, 2012
CompanyLeduc #1 Discovery Centre
Article AuthorTanis Kydd
Article TypeSummer 2012 Issue
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Happy 65th Anniversary Leduc #1

Ad-Leduc-1February 13, 2012 the Leduc #1 energy discovery centre honoured the oil strike that put Alberta on the map as a major producer of oil and gas.

February 13, 1947 was one of those moments when everything changed. Imperial Oil had spent millions on 133 drilled holes and came up empty. They were ready to abandon the project when their geologist, Ted Link urged one more try and this time suggested they dig a little deeper . Toolpush, Vern, “Dry Hole” Hunter named for the number of holes he’d supervised that produced no oil, was brought in. On Link’s advice Vern dug a little deeper. In no time they realized they were onto a true ‘wildcat’ well.

The date picked to ‘bring in the well’ formally was Feb. 13, 1947 at 1:00 pm. The day arrived. Working feverishly past a breakdown with 500 guests shivering in the cold and 3 hours late the ground began to rumble, the relief valves were 0pened and the oil began to flow. ‘Flaring’ the well with a burning sack thrown into the fuel sent flames 15 metres into the air creating a ‘smoke ring’ that signified a good omen for the future.

The Boom began.