Headlines From The HUB: Authorized Impact Inc. – March 2016

Headlines From The HUB: Hurricane Computer Solutions Inc. – March 2016

Date PublishedMarch 24, 2016
CompanyHurricane Computer Solutions Inc.
Article TypeMarch 2016 Issue
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Headlines From The HUB: Hurricane Computer Solutions Inc. – March 2016



Headlines From The HUB: Hurricane Computer Solutions Ltd. - February 2016

Hurricane Computer Solutions Inc. Oilfield HUB Influencer Microsite

Oilfield HUB Inc. is pleased to welcome Hurricane Computer Solutions Inc. as our latest client to step up to HUB Benefactor status within our Oilfield HUB online business community. Hurricane is a young, yet rapidly growing IT services company specializing in the delivery of managed services solutions and the adoption of cloud computing technologies. James Caldwell, President of Calgary based Hurricane Computer Solutions Inc., was first attracted to the Oilfield HUB service to make further inroads into the energy sector. Caldwell envisaged Hurricane’s entrance into the HUB’s online business community as a “Positive means to directly promote their value-add services to E&P, EPC, and energy services companies across Western Canada.”

Hurricane’s introduction to Oilfield HUB did not come by accident. Caldwell’s company was already actively involved with a few other companies that had already turned to the service to help grow their business and build a new relationship within the oil and gas industry. He was invited by one of Hurricane’s principle clients, Catch Resources, to attend a HUB Connect Event. Dale Galbraith, the President and CEO of Catch Resources Inc., had already adopted Oilfield HUB to use the suite of operations tools to better manage the lifecycle of their wells. The networking event not only opened the door to Hurricane’s participation in Oilfield HUB but was also a stepping-stone to other like-minded companies that had also turned to the Oilfield HUB service to bolster their sales and marketing efforts.

One such company looking for new ideas for their IT department was Oilfield HUB Inc. itself. It could not have come at a better time. Kevin Turko, the President of Oilfield HUB Inc., was actively looking for a new IT service provider to more effectively manage their complex cloud hosting infrastructure as well as their day-to-day desktop support. The HUB’s management team quickly realized Hurricane was the answer to their search and contracted with them to assume the management of their entire network infrastructure in the cloud. Oilfield HUB Inc. was also intrigued with Hurricane’s managed services and proactive support model to, as Turko puts it, “Rid their company of the break-fix reactive desktop support operating environment they had become accustomed to over the years!”




Similarly, James Caldwell and his executive team took the time to dive deeper into the Oilfield HUB service and quickly saw the significant opportunity to up Hurricane’s game and involvement in the HUB, so they also enlisted as a HUB Benefactor. In this upgraded VIP role as a HUB Benefactor, Hurricane will take on a much more involved interactive lead generation and thought leadership position in Oilfield HUB’s online business community. The commitment with Hurricane is to weave Hurricane’s IT specialists into the onboarding process with both new and existing Oilfield HUB clients.

Hurricane has also agreed to act as an Agency Partner and will now provide the web hosting and email services, which are automatically included in all Oilfield HUB service packages. All existing clients have been migrated over to Hurricane’s data center in the past several weeks. This move will make it much easier for any Oilfield HUB client to take advantage of a more robust hosted exchange and other managed services offered by Hurricane. Turko was also very excited to announce Hurricane’s Secure File Server capability will be integrated into Oilfield HUB as a new service plug-in in the coming months. “This will enable all of our HUB clients to finally tame out-of-control local file management servers,” said Turko.

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Headlines From The HUB: Hurricane Computer Solutions Inc. – March 2016






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March 2016 Issue of Oilfield PULSE