Just Sayin’

Date PublishedNovember 26, 2015
CompanyEnergy Auctions Inc.
Article AuthorMarlon Ellerby
Article TypeNovember 2015 Issue
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Just Sayin’

Everyday when I wake up, my goal is to ‘take over the world’. Often, I stop and think why is that not everyone’s goal? Why doesn’t everybody want to rule the world?

just saying 2015 royalty reviewAfter the last two elections, I have come to the realization there are a ton of people who just go along to get along. And, although I can’t relate, nor for the life of me understand, I have to be more tolerant. This is something I have not had a lot of success with in the past.

I have the utmost respect for anyone who wants to contribute to society by working the 8-5 and then going home to the family. I also have the utmost respect for those who work 24/7 to continue to try to better themselves financially or whatever their individual goals are. I do have issues with those who do neither.

Being a business owner, I know what it takes to ‘eat what you kill’. I am in no way saying the employee doesn’t understand the same principles, because I honestly believe most do!

just saying 2015 royalty review

The next four years in Canada/Alberta are scaring the crap out of me. I need to learn to help rather than hinder, so we can get through them. I am not stereotyping or labeling. Nor am I saying everyone who voted NDP/Liberal (don’t call me a hater) believe it is up to someone else to butter their bread, per say, but there seems to be quite a few who do think that way. I am just trying to understand the logic, so I am putting it out there to try to suggest to those who do believe that way to try something different in life! Try selling cars or going door to door to convince the homeowner to try tin siding. Do something where the only way you get anything is to earn it!just saying 2015 royalty review: Energy Auctions Inc.

You never know. You might come to like the feeling of accomplishment rather than coasting and waiting for someone else to do it for you.

Marlon Ellerby
President & CEO






Originally published in the 

November 2015 issue of Oilfield PULSE