KSM – “Made In Canada” Manufacturer and Refurbisher Makes Their Mark at Home and Abroad

Date PublishedSeptember 10, 2012
CompanyKSM Inc.
Article TypeSummer 2012 Issue
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KSM – “Made In Canada” Manufacturer and Refurbisher Makes Their Mark at Home and Abroad

We pride ourselves in the quality and performance of our products KSM, a dynamic Canadian manufacturing company, based in Nisku Alberta, has been designing, refurbishing, and manufacturing world-class oilfield equipment and technology since 1995. They ship their products to such diverse locations as; Australia, New Zealand, Libya and Russia as well as to their traditional Canadian and U.S. clients.

KSM was founded by Gerald J. Knoll, who left Baldwin and Knoll to establish Knoll Rig and Equipment Company – better known as Kremco – where he began to produce “Made in Canada” workover and service rigs. Previously, rigs had been imported from the U.S. and refurbished to cope with the harsh winter conditions of Canadian operations. With Mr. Knoll’s active participation, Canadian oilfield manufacturing began its ascent to a premier position in world-class oilfield manufacturing.

Modifications to existing designs – such as drive trains to allow the self-propelled service rigs to traverse rugged Canadian lease roads – and additions to provide safer working conditions, led to the emergence of Kremco’s first “Made in Canada” service rig in 1977.

In 1980 Kremco merged with Dreco Energy Services, where Mr. Knoll remained as manager of the Kremco division until Dreco was sold to National Oilwell, at which time he left to found KSM Inc., a western Canadian-based refurbisher of rigs and other oilfield equipment.

Ad-KSMBrian Beckett, KSM VP Sales, states that KSM and Kremco have built more than 400 complete well servicing units in the past two decades. A reputation for quality has become their hallmark in the manufacturing of; self-contained units for offshore work, track-mounted rigs for use in jungle marshes, rigs on sand tires for desert deployment, and cold-weather rigs to work in Siberia (and Canada) – are now found around the world, from the North Slope of Alaska to the Sahara Desert.

KSM products include; free standing doubles, tri-steer 6 axle carriers (light enough to comply with Australia’s 47,500 kg weight limit) hydraulic outriggers, stand alone snubbing units, drilling rigs, mobile pump trucks, trailer mounted rigs, trailer pump units, masts, draw works, rig-moving systems.

For the past three years, KSM has provided Calgary-based Savanna Energy with top-drive mounted service rigs that function as drilling rigs in Queensland, Australia.

New areas of operations that will soon benefit from KSM’ innovative methods are SAGD ands heavy oil operations.

Brian also advised us that KSM is the holder of an NSM (National Safety Mark) giving their rigs the same highway access as conventional traffic.