Madex Makes The Rigs Roll

Date PublishedJune 12, 2012
CompanyMadex Supply Ltd.
Article TypeSummer 2012 Issue
PULSE Interactive

Madex Makes The Rigs Roll

Once an oil or gas well is drilled and completed, the producer’s production department assumes responsibility for the operation. When issues of well performance arise, the affected well is handed over to a well servicing contractor for remedial action. By their nature, well servicing companies require a countless number of products and services to keep them on the road and on site.

That is where Madex Supply Ltd., comes into the equation. Company president Ty Sanders describes his business, Madex Supply Ltd., as a ‘one-call-does-it-all’ warehouse for the well servicing industry; or as Ty puts it, “a COSTCO for the oil patch”.

During his time spent working on well servicing rigs, Sanders saw the potential in providing the products and services required by working service rigs. In early 2005 he established Madex Supply Ltd., serving the service industry in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan as well as Mexico and Australia.

From traditional products such as ‘rope, dope and soap, to drill line and downhole pumps, Madex provides a variety of necessary products for companies running singles, doubles, PMX band swabbing rigs. Madex also provides a hotshot service, which delivers essential parts and materials that are required to keep the rigs running.

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