Mike Fenn: Millennium Directional – Person In Profile

Date PublishedJuly 26, 2014
CompanyMillennium Directional Service Ltd.
Article AuthorMike Finn
Article TypeJuly 2014 Issue
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Mike Fenn: Millennium Directional – Person In Profile

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My background is in professional golf which has always been a passion of mine. I was a member of the Canadian Professional Golfers Association from 1991-97; playing tours in Florida and California in winter months while teaching at golf courses and resorts in Alberta, Ontario and BC during the summer. Once the realization set in that I was not going to be the next Tiger Woods and expenses were outweighing income, I decided to follow my entrepreneurial instincts in late 1997 and founded Ashira International Inc. which was the world’s first hemp golf apparel company. Turns out RoBu  idea was quite a bit ahead of its time, however it did evolve into a retail concept called Hemp & Company which I sold in 2000 that is still flourishing today on the west coast.

I always thrive on new challenges. My introduction to oilfield sales began with selling MWD equipment to directional drilling companies in western Canada. A very valuable and educational time of my career, eventually developing an international customer base and making several close friendships along the way.

In 2009 I was very fortunate to be offered an opportunity by Dan Eddy and Robert MacCuish to join their team at Millennium Directional Service Ltd; allowing me to showcase my
talents in downtown Calgary and be part of the exciting progress our company has made over the past 5 years. Since joining Millennium I have watched our small company double in size to a 15 job capable directional drilling force in the Saskatchewan and North Dakota markets. In 2013 we were named a top 100 Saskatchewan company by Postmedia.

This is a huge achievement coming from our somewhat humble beginnings. At the time of
its inception in 2005, Millennium shareholders invested $1M to get up and running. A number that is certainly tiny in comparison to the $30M our new competitors are raising for start-up capital these days. Our success is a real testimony to strong management as no additional capital has been required to take us where we are today.

Mike Fenn Sales & Marketing Manager Millennium Services Ltd.

Mike Fenn
Sales & Marketing Manager
Millennium Services Ltd.