Oil & Gas Technologies – Sharing Innovation

Date PublishedMarch 27, 2014
CompanyBelgrave Oil and Gas
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Oil & Gas Technologies – Sharing Innovation

oil & gas technologiesEach morning, Dr. John Belgrave, Founder and Director of Belgrave Oil and Gas Corp., wakes up and is excited to go to work. He plans to never retire. Even after 30 years in the energy industry, Dr. Belgrave exclaims, “I love what I do. I love people, I love technology, I love travelling. I’m excited. How many industries really are as transformative as the oil industry?”

So much so, that Dr. Belgrave, along with his two sons, started Belgrave Oil and Gas Corp in 2009. “I decided to form Belgrave Oil and Gas because I had these ideas for revolutionary, highly impacting technology that could make a difference. We have been working on these for the last 5 years, and those technologies are now being recognized by governments, national and state oil companies and public companies.”

Belgrave has developed proprietary and patent-pending technologies capable of tripling light oil reserves in Alberta and unlocking twenty billion barrels of stranded heavy oil in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Yet, with enhancements in these technologies, the entire industry is in a neat position. “We’ve had maybe 100 years of people proposing different technologies and right now is probably the first time that we have a sustained oil price that can make all these things happen.”

With the industry being hungry for all this technology, Dr. Belgrave is finding that there is still a missing faction – the mentorship between the older generation and the younger generation coming in. As all the economics are in place, there must be more mentoring and development of the technical competence in new generations. To answer this need, Belgrave Oil and Gas developed IOREdge.com at their own expense. IOREdge shares all the information Belgrave has developed and compiled, including engineering applications and performance of global enhanced oil recovery projects, with the public for free. Through this information and forums, Belgrave is proactively sharing information and discussing issues, such as environmental impact and sustainability, to make an impact on the industry. For Dr. Belgrave, it’s about sharing the information and spreading it out on an international level to change the entire world.

“We’ve spent the last 5 years building our brand and giving back to communities where we have business. We even answer questions in our forums from students around the world. We really want to be a central repository and purveyor of sustainable technology that’s going to grow organically.”

For Dr. Belgrave, he likes what he does and this is what motivates him day in and day out. “If you don’t love what you do, you’re just passing time.”


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