Oilfield HUB Member at Large: MCI Solutions

Date PublishedSeptember 10, 2012
CompanyMCI Solutions
Article AuthorChris Kane
Article TypeSeptember 2012 Issue
CategoryArticles, Oilfield HUB Member at Large
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Oilfield HUB Member at Large: MCI Solutions

MCI Solutions manufactures high quality innovative and environmentally sensitive Solar-Electric powered Chemical Injection Pumps for the oil and gas industry. Canada’s northern conditions pose significant challenges for solar powered equipment manufacturers: cold temperature extremes, 1.8 peak sunlight hours daily and a geographic remoteness that demands reliability. MCI has excelled in the harsh northern environment with chemical inject solutions designed to incorporate its’ patented N-Seal Secondary Containment technology.

Pipeline injection of various production enhancement chemicals is crucial to an uninterrupted flow of product to market. Industries worldwide have benefited from system performance improvements through evolution and innovation. This is equally true of positive displacement Chemical Injection Pump technology.

Responsible stewardship of our Planet is front and centre. In the past, operations could result in chemical leaks, drive gas venting and surplus chemical injection. Today these environmental concerns can be greatly reduced or eliminated with the deployment of currently available and field proven technology.

The use of MCI 24V Electric Chemical Injection Pumps and field retrofittable N-Seal Adaptors can save thousands of dollars per pump annually, eliminate/ reduce harmful environmental discharge, increase chemical delivery performance and pay for their implementation within months.