Member at Large Millennium Directional Service Ltd

Oilfield HUB Member at Large: Millennium Directional Service Ltd.

Date PublishedJune 19, 2013
CompanyMillennium Directional Service Ltd.
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Oilfield HUB Member at Large: Millennium Directional Service Ltd.

Millennium Directional Service Ltd. was founded in 2005 in response to demand for quality, reliable Directional Drilling services in the Williston Basin area of SE Saskatchewan.  Based in Carlyle SK, with a sales office in Calgary, the company is now the provider of choice for many of the largest and fastest growing Oil & Gas companies in western Canada and North Dakota and can provide services on 12 separate drilling operations at any given time.

“The potential for directional and horizontal wells in the Western Canadian Basin was significant at start up. The number of horizontal wells drilled in Western Canada was steadily increasing. Our focus on directional grassroots and horizontal wells in southeast Saskatchewan provided an excellent business opportunity,” says company President Dan Eddy.


Local companies were Millennium’s initial focus.  By providing directional drilling tools in a timely fashion with superior performance and service standards, this group became the company’s loyal client base.

“We are committed to the development of long-term relationships with our clients based on personal service and professional performance. Our goal is to provide clients with the most reliable equipment, combined with highly skilled and experienced field personnel in order to optimize drilling operations.”


Member at Large Millennium Directional Service Ltd

Millennium’s high service standards, and state of the art equipment, coupled with consistent reliability and cost efficiency, maximize economic benefits to clients. This has served the company well and allowed it to surpass original business goals and objectives.

“By combining the latest advances in directional drilling technology and the expertise of reliable, proven manufactures, we stay at the forefront of current industry trends.  We work closely with our clients and suppliers to ensure all equipment issues are addressed and all technical requirements are met, in order to achieve performance goals and maximize our client’s drilling potential.

“That’s what really sets Millennium apart from our competitors, the reliability of our tools and the experience of our personnel,” says Mr. Eddy.  “We designed our MWD system specifically for the conditions experienced in SE Saskatchewan and North Dakota; and regularly see upwards of 2500+ hours MTBF.

“Also, clients can pick and choose basically any motor configuration to suit the particular area, or formation they are drilling. We work with 3 suppliers, National, Dynomax and Shamrock which enables us to provide clients a large variety of top of the line mud motors; and we are always happy to offer a recommendation of what has worked best in a certain area in the past.”


The company has made impressive gains while remaining true to its original goals and objectives.   According to Dan Eddy, Millennium’s personnel play the biggest roll in the success of the company.

“We are privileged to count among our employees some of the most experienced and skilled Directional Drillers and MWD Operators in the business who have shown their commitment to superior service.  All of our personnel are well versed in teamwork and the rolls of others that combine to plan and execute a successful drilling venture.”