Rhino Enterprises Ltd. Is Open For Business

Date PublishedNovember 26, 2015
CompanyRhino Enterprises Ltd.
Article AuthorKaren Keith
Article TypeNovember 2015 Issue
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Rhino Enterprises Ltd. Is Open For Business

Rhino Enterprises Ltd. is Open for Business on the HUB

Welcome Rhino Enterprises Ltd! Leadstone Group proudly introduces your oilfield facility and pipeline construction and maintenance contractor, now open for business on Oilfield HUB.

Operating since 1999, this Central Alberta born company has grown and developed from a maintenance background into a solid construction presence in the oilfield. Their strength is defined by the Goldilocks Principle. A company big enough to take on any construction project but small enough that clients experience the simplicity of dealing directly with the president of the company, for an experience that is “just right.” No corporate hierarchy, no red tape and no nonsense, just friendly down to earth service and quality results. This company profile combined with a team that operates like a well oiled machine means low overhead for Rhino and a highly competitive rate paid forward to the customer.

“Team-work” is a common refrain at Rhino. The company functions as a unit to get the job done safely, efficiently and accurately. Rhino partners with clients to create a collaborative experience designed to accomplish customer goals in a way that is affable, simple and succinct. This company cares enough to show businesses how their projects can be simplified or completed with a limited budget. “Let’s talk about it execute it and get the job done,” says Ryan Smith, President of Rhino. Smith personally handles all estimates and bidding and is available for direct contact by customers.

Rhino Enterprises Ltd. Is Open For Business Rhino Enterprises Ltd. Is Open For Business Rhino Enterprises Ltd. Is Open For Business

Rhino was established 16 years ago when a group of friends recognized the need for a local maintenance contractor and pooled their collective resources to buy a company truck.  What began as a one-truck operation has matured into a tightly woven construction and maintenance team. With a fleet of over forty vehicles, Rhino can handle any project, from facility construction to heavy hauling to pipeline construction to well-sites to satellites. Rhino covers everything including planning and design, management, quality control and completion of unique projects. They handle procurement of third parties and offer a wealth of experience with local subcontractors, hiring only the finest trades-people at an economical rate.

Rhino is an asset to any team, helping companies achieve their unique business objectives through a team focused execution and completion of projects. They deliver quality results on time and on budget.  For more information on partnering with Rhino Enterprises or to contact them directly, visit their HUB Microsite here or click on the HUB Search Button below.

Karen Keith
Director, Client Relations
Leadstone Group Inc.

Karen Keith - Member Relations Manager