Sunwapta Solutions Inc.

Sunwapta Solutions Inc. is Open for Business

Date PublishedOctober 12, 2015
CompanySunwapta Solutions Inc.
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Sunwapta Solutions Inc. is Open for Business

Sunwapta Solutions Inc. Open for Business

Leadstone Group presents Sunwapta Solutions Inc., now open for business on Oilfield HUB. Sunwapta’s primary focus is helping small to mid-sized companies with their strategies, systems and processes to facilitate efficiency, profitability and growth. Put simply, the company is dedicated to helping businesses survive, thrive and grow in abundant or lean economic times.

How can companies create a team workplace environment where employees are engaged and understand that their actions make a difference? How can anybody construct a high performing organization but in a way that people are excited to show up and work? How do businesses pare down to the point where they are efficient but don’t lose the key skills that they need to succeed? Sunwapta brings practical and innovative solutions to these and more key questions.

Operating in Calgary, Alberta since 2000, Sunwapta offers the Oilfield HUB online business community its own methodology designed to make company processes more efficient. Solutions are customized for each unique business but there is a system in place to help companies operate at their full potential.

When asked about his ideal client, President of Sunwapta, Doug Wagner states that it starts with a person’s willingness to recognize and admit that they need help and then a proclivity to change and implement a new way of being. Wagner’s central focus is bringing value to his clients. “If I see that someone in a company is not pulling their weight, I’m not going to sugar coat the truth. If I see a problem in your business, I’m going to point that out because I want to see your business succeed,” says Wagner.  Sunwapta brings a fresh perspective to companies and, as an outside observer, is able to present innovative ideas and possibilities that are often difficult to see from within a business.

Sunwapta Solutions Inc. Open for Business Sunwapta Solutions Inc. Open for Business Sunwapta Solutions Inc. Open for Business

Sunwapta presents their expertise to the HUB in four main areas. Helping to focus businesses and implement strategies that help companies achieve desired results. Improving business’ sales and marketing teams and ultimately helping them retain clients that rave about their business. Enhancing the performance of a company’s team by helping team members attain the skills they need to outshine the competition.  Helping companies Increase profits and engage their teams by allowing employees to be part of the big picture, through sharing company responsibility and rewarding contributions and innovative ideas.

Sunwapta is also proficient at helping company’s sustain steady or rapid growth and preparing a company to be sold for top dollar or to be passed on to a family member.

With this innovative and unique approach, Sunwapta offers strategies and systems to help companies reach their full potential. Please visit their HUB Microsite for more information and to book a consultation today.

Sunwapta Solutions Open for Business

Karen Keith
Director, Client Relations
Leadstone Group Inc.

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