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October 2015 Issue

Invoice Discounting Helping Cash Flow For Oil...

It’s hard to believe the oil and gas industry was vibrant and the outlook was positive as the WTI... Read More »

PULSE Interactive Newsletter Sept. 2015
The Interface Financial Group - Cash Is King

Cash Is King

Let The Cash Flow In! For small to medium size business owners, understanding cash flow can literally be the difference between survival and failure. In fact, allBusiness.com listed cash flow problems among the top 10 reasons why... Read More »

PULSE Interactive Newsletter May 2015
Interface Financial Group Oilfield PULSE Newsletter May 2015

A Victim Of His Own Success

The Financial Starting Line This is a scenario we hear many times every week from our potential clients. The story goes something like this: “I started my own business about 18 months ago. It was fairly slow going at first, but... Read More »

PULSE Interactive Newsletter Mar. 2015
Invoice Discounting

Widgets Come In All Shapes And Sizes,...

Chapter 1: The Big Boys Financing Tale Once upon a time, there were three companies. A really big,... Read More »

PULSE Interactive Newsletter Dec. 2014

How Small to Medium Size Businesses Can...

Financial company offers five year-end tax tips for SME’s. There is no time more stressful... Read More »

PULSE Interactive Newsletter Nov. 2014

Credit Cards — An effective way to...

How do you finance your business growth? Many entrepreneurs running small and medium-sized... Read More »

PULSE Interactive Newsletter Oct. 2014

Small Business Funding — An Oxymoron?

The ongoing problem facing the majority of small to medium size oil & gas service companies today... Read More »