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What It Takes To Be Well Known: Alstar Oilfield

Date PublishedMarch 27, 2014
CompanyAlstar Oilfield Contractors Ltd.
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What It Takes To Be Well Known: Alstar Oilfield

capitalBeing at the right place at the right time may reap benefits for some companies, but for others, it takes much more effort to see continuous growth in their company 45 years later. Setting the bar for what other companies can only hope to achieve, Alstar Oilfield Contractors set out to make a name for themselves back in 1969 and have been blazing western Canadian trails ever since.

Privately owned and operated, Alstar Oilfield Contractors specializes in fabrication, facility, and pipeline construction for many of the leading oil & gas companies across western Canada.

“We knew that in order to succeed in a competitive market, you have to invest in your people first” says Dan Pagely, General Manager. Alstar, with a progressive management team who all work on the front lines, have a clear understanding of what their clients are looking for. “It can’t just be about price. You have to be the company that stays one step ahead at all times, predicting and reacting to the client’s needs” states Scott Fotonoff, Alstar’s President. Alstar’s innate ability to complete large scale projects in reduced time frames, gives them a competitive advantage. “Our shop capabilities allow us to fabricate/hydro test and paint 95% of our work in a controlled environment, thus keeping travel expenses to a minimum, and all overhead costs are factored into our rates, therefore; no additional costs are accrued by our clients” mentions Chris Genert, VP of Pipeline Construction.

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Alstar employs over 400 skilled and passionate individuals, and is committed to enriching the lives of their workforce on a daily basis, while providing quality energy construction solutions. As part of their core values, their commitment to having a strong, effective safety program that protects staff, property and their clients is a goal that is managed daily. Management, supervisors, and employees are responsible for carrying out the safety initiatives of the company.

Alstar is quickly becoming a leader in the oil and gas industry for turn-key new construction, maintenance and pipeline construction services. Reliable, on-time and cost effective. Contact Alstar Oilfield Contractors today.

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