Technical Trades – T&T Oilfield Services

Date PublishedMarch 27, 2014
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Technical Trades – T&T Oilfield Services

T&T Oilfield Services Ltd. has been operating since 2002 offering the best in facility construction services throughout the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta. T&T has made many changes in an effort to meet and exceed industry standards in fields such as welding, quality control, and most importantly safety.

T&T provides safety, quality and efficiency in the areas of facility and plant construction as well as fabrication and maintenance. T&T also owns and operates the equipment required to complete projects big or small.

Tim Sharp and Troy Illingworth, owners of T&T Oilfield Services work closely with their employees on job sites and projects, maintaining a direct link with them and the clients. T&T Oilfield Services offers a select group of individuals with diversified experience in order to complete any job or project. Resumes are available upon request.

T&T Oilfield Services Ltd has in place $5 million general liability

insurance coverage and $3 million automotive coverage.

We currently hold certificates of recognition with the Alberta Construction Safety Asso­ciation (ACSA). T&T is also a member of the Canadian HSE Registry and ISNetworld as well as Complyworks. We have a Zero Tolerance Drug and Alcohol policy in place. Our Workers compensation Account Number in Alberta is 4168866­1, and our Saskatchewan WCB account number is 4213348.

In regards to the environment, T&T Oilfield Services Ltd. has an Oil Spill response team on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have the means to respond to oil spills on roads, and oil well leases. We also have a fulltime rig cleanup crew to look after what the drilling and service rigs leave behind after they have done their work at the well site. All oil spill response and rig cleanup crews are trained in ground disturbance to ensure their safety, and understand how to clean up oil spills while ensuring they do not disturb the environment.



T&T Oilfield Services Ltd. is committed to the highest level of health, safety and environmental concerns of all their clients and employees both on and off the job site. We believe strongly in the health and safety of our workers, others, and of course, the environment. We provide proper safety training to all of our workers, and constantly look for new ways to improve our health and safety program. We also have our own NCSO on staff to keep us up to date on all policies.


T&T Oilfield Services Ltd. is qualified to complete a wide array of facility, wellsite, and other piping applications. Our welders are pressure and CWB certified, as well as T&T’s QC is registered with the Alberta and Saskatchewan Boilers Branches to ASME B31.1 and B31.3 codes. We have our own QC manager and CWB inspector on staff to provide the client with the most thorough service. We complete all our own quality control packages for all piping construction projects.


  • 1 mile West & 1/2 mile South of Marwayne, AB (SE 22­52­3W4)


  • Box 82, Marwayne AB TOB 2X0


  • Tim Sharp: (780)871-1276
  • Troy Illingworth: (780)205-1858
  • Office: (780)847-4666
  • Fax: (780)847-4661