Virnet Forensics is Open for Business on the HUB

Date PublishedMarch 24, 2015
CompanyVirnet Forensic Inc.
Article AuthorKaren Keith
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Virnet Forensics is Open for Business on the HUB

Virnet Forensics Brings Enhanced Security to the Oilfield HUB Clients

Virnet Forensic Inc. HUB Preferred VendorVirnet Forensics, a Calgary based company, is committed to bringing a new level of security to oil and gas companies. This spurred their decision to become one of the newest Preferred Vendors in the Oilfield HUB online business community.

With specialized software and leading edge technology, Virnet provides clients with security solutions on which they can depend. Virnet’s services include electronic forensics and discovery, access control, network security, general security, litigation support, workplace investigation and background screening, making them a welcome addition to the HUB’s extensive company listings and product / service database.

Manager and Director, Olusola Agbi, recognizes the need for solid and technically sound security in the oil and gas sector. It is this need that sees his company bringing the technology to meet any organizations specific requirements. Agbi believes in prompt service and dependability and that through cutting edge technology, Virnet can help companies confidently run their business in a safe and secure environment.



Sophisticated technology, dependable service and ongoing support makes Virnet the secure choice for company protection. To learn more about how Virnet’s specialized solutions can benefit your organization or to inquire about services call Olusola Agbi at 403-473-3105 or visit their HUB microsite here.

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Karen Keith
Director, Client Relations
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