Welcome to Oilfield HUB

Date PublishedApril 24, 2012
PULSE Interactive

Welcome to Oilfield HUB

As the VP Operations for Oilfield HUB, I want to assure readers of this sampler issue of Oilfield PULSE that we are crystal clear about our sales mission:


To create quality ongoing relationships for our members and advertisers with Western Canada’s energy companies, specifically decision-making managers, engineers and purchasers in drilling and completions, operations, facilities and construction, and production.


We appreciate that even for quite large companies, making quality connections to new clients is an ongoing challenge. Based on scale alone, many energy firms may not notice a single phone call or email message. They may not notice ten.


This explains why many smaller service companies find it so difficult to ‘punch through’.


As your sales team, I guarantee we have the tenacity to engage in a prolonged sales cycle on your behalf. We are out there connecting with new prospects on your behalf every day and we never get discouraged.


Like any successful sales team, we have the right tools to do our job. Oilfield HUB is our means of making you easily accessible and educating your target audience about your products and services.  Oilfield PULSE is how we maintain ‘top of mind’ awareness and create an appetite for our members’ products and services.


We are confident that the results you would hope to get from an in-house marketing and sales team are the results you can expect from us and from your Oilfield HUB membership; real contacts with real sales.


Why not give us a try?