Who Cares About Your Business?

Date PublishedOctober 22, 2013
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Who Cares About Your Business?

Create Contagious Content and Find Out!

These days, service and supply companies are all being encouraged to jump onto the digital content marketing bandwagon to keep a step ahead of your competition.  It’s a tough market out there, and anything you can do to put your company in a better light with your oil and gas customers is worth at least a look see.  Yet your first thought … is that’s just one more thing to do in an already stretched day, particularly in this busy time in front of the winter drilling season!

Your next thought is, how do I survive or do I even want to participate in this new online marketing world?  What the hell; I haven’t updated my website in over a year and now I am being asked to create and share content on a regular basis.  Where do I start?

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As we learn more, we come to understand the value of casting out our company’s message, and better yet, we dare to think of new ways to thrive in this ever evolving digital content revolution!  We start to realize there are all kinds of things happening on a daily basis in our business world that would be great to share with our customers, our suppliers, and even with our office and field staff.  We all too often dismiss these successes and interesting events as part of our normal business routine, but to others on the outside or close to our world, more than likely it just might be contagious content!

Are you still scratching your head as to what digital content marketing, is and how it can help your business?  And what the heck is it; and how do I create contagious content?

We’ll flush it out for you:

The New Online Buzz – Content is King

It’s like currency on the web that can be woven into an integral part of your sales and marketing efforts.  Good content marketing is a way to gain new interest in your products and services, and ultimately new customers and more supporters for your business.  This is the key.  You just don’t want to bring in one potential customer, you want the trickle-down effect.  Your customers, supporters and potential customers all can influence and attract others to your business.

If you are even contemplating digital content marketing you are headed in the right direction.  It’s an easy and free way to shout your story from the online roof tops and actually be heard.  Don’t put it off, just start small and grow into these comfortable content marketing clothes.  Whether it’s a press release, business milestone, new product announcement, service enhancement, customer or product achievement, staffing change, employee event, office relocation / grand opening or participation in a local charity / cause you or your company supports, you never know what might infect others and catch on as Contagious Content.

One thing is for certain, if no one in the patch knows about it, it’s hard to spread it to others!

“Marketing is telling the world you are a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world that you are one.”

~ Robert Rose
Chief Strategist, Content Marketing Institute

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