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November 2014 Issue

Talent Crunch?

How many business owners do you know with an MBA? How many businesses are started by people who have a degree rather than an idea? I often feel like I am the last of a generation. I feel like I was the last person to sneak under the... Read More »

September 2014 Issue

The People Puzzle: Staff Morale Running Low?...

One of our managers asked me how to change morale within his department the other day. I have... Read More »

August 2014 Issue

The Cost Of Training – Plains Perspective

The blank page can be an incredibly daunting thing. If all you do is stare at it, nothing will happen.... Read More »

July 2014 Issue

Reeds In The Wind: Politics & The...

      I know we have spoken about foreign workers on more than one... Read More »

May – June 2014 Issue

The Need To Continue Learning – Plains...

We continue to insulate our companies in order to protect our companies. All we are truly doing is... Read More »

April 2014 Issue

Outsourcing Safety – Plains Perspective

We continue to insulate our companies in order to protect our companies. All we are truly doing is... Read More »

March 2014 Issue

Wages In Alberta – Increasing Pay For...

In Alberta, when things heat up, there are some companies that automatically go out into the talent... Read More »

February 2014 Issue

Human Resources Disasters – Plains Perspective

“So your company hires the best resume writers and not the best candidate?” I recently... Read More »

January 2014 Issue

Plains Perspective – Lean Management

Lean is a toolbox that comes with a variety of different tools, and it will be up to you to decide... Read More »

December 2013 Issue

True Leadership

I think most companies would agree it is almost always best practice to give your staff the ability to climb the ladder within your organization. In the last article, I spoke about how the message of a labour shortage is starting... Read More »

November 2013 Issue

Plains Perspective: Skill Labour Shortages – A...

We do have a shortage in some areas, but that shortage isn't going to threaten our country or the... Read More »

June 2013 Issue

Short Sighted Fines Will Not Keep People...

If a business does not have a safety program to protect its workers, then that business should not... Read More »