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March 2017 Issue
Rehabilitation Of Industry

Rehabilitation Of Industry

Oilfield PULSE Magazine March 2017 Plains Perspective However, a rejuvenation of sorts does appear to be underway. There are many positives starting to show, including projects being restarted, hiring by producers and EPC’s is on... Read More »

February 2017 Issue

Saskatchewan – The People For Whom He...

Oilfield PULSE Magazine February 2017 Plains Perspective As we all know, a democracy is a form of... Read More »

January 2017 Issue
Price vs Cost vs Value

Price vs Cost vs Value

Oilfield PULSE Magazine January 2017 Plains Perspective The people buying and leasing machinery, equipment such as process modules and even more commodity based things like pipe racks, do not have to make much of an effort to... Read More »

December 2016 Issue

Make Canada Great Again?

Our clients are always told you cannot drive a business forward while looking in the rear-view mirror. However, to plan effectively, you must learn from the past and use it to map out your future. Consider what can happen in a ten-year... Read More »

October 2016 Issue

The Notley Report Card

Maintaining objectivity while attaching a grade to someone’s work is always a challenge. I am sure even teachers, when they have room to play, reward perpetual high achievers sometimes with a better grade than what was earned. However,... Read More »

September 2016 Issue


I was pleased to see our venerable editor chose the topic “thrive at forty-five” as the theme for this month’s magazine. When I first heard the phrase, it resonated with me immediately. Those of you who have been kind enough to... Read More »

June 2016 Issue


It is difficult to see Alberta brought to its knees first by an inexperienced government that created uncertainty in our oil and gas business and now by terrible fires that continue to devastate Fort McMurray. The good news is... Read More »

February 2016 Issue

Making Steel Flow

I’ve always been a great believer in collaboration with other companies in our industry,” explains Chester Nagy, one of the founders and president of Plains Fabrication. “Our facility is the proof of that. We took what we’ve... Read More »

February 2016 Issue

Headlines From The HUB: Plains Fabrication –...

WHERE ARE WE NOW? PLAINS FABRICATION We are honored to feature Plains Fabrication in our... Read More »

February 2016 Issue
Striking A Balance

Striking A Balance

Let’s get some facts out of the way before getting too deeply into this discussion. Science is science no matter what any actor, producer, or politician tries to tell you. The absolute bottom line is man is tough on our planet! The... Read More »

January 2016 Issue

Alliance: A Code Of Ethics & Words...

Cowboy Ethics and Cowboy Values, came out of the collapse of Wall Street due to... Read More »

December 2015 Issue

The Way Forward

Living In A Cyclical/Cynical World I would like to start by saying I think VERY few people are accurate at forecasting anything past three months these days including myself. If I were really any good at it, I would still own the... Read More »

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