Carbon Corner!

Date PublishedSeptember 29, 2016
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Carbon Corner!

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Carbon Corner

Don’t be Fooled!

It started out as global warming, then it morphed into climate change and now the politicians and eco-activists have latched on Carbon Pricing as the latest boogeyman in their quest to save us and our planet. Each of these movements have conjured up countless predictions of our impending doom, many of which were based on far reaching hypotheses rather than proven science. We still have our polar ice caps, Canada hasn’t turned into a barren desert wasteland, nor have we experienced the next great Canadian Ice Shield.

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In upcoming issues of Oilfield PULSE, Carbon Corner will include a series of informative articles on the real impact of carbon on our fair planet and how our opportunistic governments intend to capitalize on this new found revenue stream. We hope to bring you thought leaders on this topic from within the oil and gas industry and to also reach out to experts in this field to debunk the myths and innuendo surrounding this sensitive, and soon to be costly topic for each and every Canadian. I thought I would start us off in this issue of Oilfield PULSE with my own personal views, from a concerned citizen and proud oil and gas industry insider.

While global warming and climate change are indeed worthy topics that warrant our full attention and meaningful two-way debate, carbon on the other hand has a much more sinister cousin. It’s called Taxes. Call it by any other name like cap and trade or carbon

pricing, let’s get real, it’s a carbon tax no matter which way you dress it up. Most of our provincial and now our new federal government have all jumped on this latest environmental bandwagon with even more fervor and dedication than the once fledgling Greenpeace movement of days gone by. Why? Well you can’t tax global warming, nor can you latch a tax onto climate change, but our ingenious politicians and their environmental lobbyists have conveniently figured out multiple ways to tax carbon! And why not, the windfall is billions of dollars taken from the pockets of average Canadians and the businesses they rely on to support their families.


Carbon sounds so bad! But stop, we’re actually talking about carbon dioxide, or CO2 emissions. When used by the fervent anti-oil radicals, carbon appears to be so much deadlier than CO2. I thought I was taught in my Grade 9 science class that carbon dioxide was one of the fundamental building blocks to sustain life and vegetation on planet Earth. In fact, my science fair project proved this very fact. But like anything else, is too much of anything a bad thing? Perhaps too much CO2 is killing our planet, who knows, hell I’m not qualified to make this sort of scientific judgement call. I might add that very few, if any, of the Hollywood elite, entertainers, public servants and politicians
can make this call either. But to be fair, nor can most of the people in the oil and gas industry!

But when you wrap carbon up in potential taxes, our governments just can’t get enough of it! Deep down they must know we can’t exist without it, or sadly, are they such ideologists they can’t see the forest for the trees. Speaking of trees, did you know due to our vast boreal forests in Canada we are actually carbon negative? There is a great video everyone should watch by Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore, PhD “The Sensible Environmentalist”. Yes, I did say co-founder of Greenpeace! He cuts through some of “global warming” rhetoric with science and facts. He explains why carbon dioxide is a hero, not a planet killing taxable villain. Check it out at: com/watch?v=5Smhn1gL6Xg 

So if there is even a shred of truth in what Dr. Moore has to say, why are we taking these new carbon taxes seemingly lying down? Perhaps our governments know, at least for their current term in office, nothing meaningful is going to change, other than to drastically increase tax revenues by billions of dollars for our over spending government coffers! Yet we are being swayed through a glossy multi-million dollar Alberta Climate Leadership Plan ad campaign and by our politicians that this and other forthcoming carbon taxes will force all of us bad fossil fuel dependent Canadians to immediately reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Even if this was remotely doable, it’s still not going to happen any time soon!

Suck it up princess, we are all going to pay new carbon


taxes in Alberta come January of next year! Lord knows what Trudeau and his climate change warriors still have up their sleeves. I can’t wait to see the glowing results these new carbon taxes will have on reduced carbon emissions, our economy and new pipeline approvals in 2017! Oh what a world it will be! Don’t be fooled! On the other hand, thank goodness for Premier Brad Wall ‘The Sensible Politician’ in Saskatchewan who understands if it looks like a tax, smells like a tax, tastes like a tax and acts like a tax, it must be a tax! And better yet, you’ve got to love his vocal opposition emphasizing how carbon taxes are the worst thing we could do to our struggling economy at the present time.

Next month on the Carbon Corner ……. are we all being sold a carbon bill of goods called a Social Licence? That and more!

Carbon Corner ……

We’re as mad as hell and we’re not going to take this any more!

Kevin Turko
Oilfield HUB Inc.







Originally  published in the 

September 2016 Issue of Oilfield PULSE