Headlines From The HUB: Authorized Impact Inc. – March 2016

Headlines From The HUB: Pajak Engineering Ltd. – March 2016

Date PublishedMarch 24, 2016
CompanyPajak Engineering
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Headlines From The HUB: Pajak Engineering Ltd. – March 2016



Oilfield HUB Inc. is pleased to re-introduce Pajak Engineering Ltd. to our online business community. Pajak is a Calgary based engineering firm with both a domestic and international presence. Pajak has been supplying qualified Canadian project management and wellsite supervision since 1966. Their worldwide services include certifications, work visa acquisition, and international medical coverage.

To say that Oilfield HUB Inc. enjoys a close relationship with Pajak Engineering Ltd. would be an understatement. Our involvement with Pajak has deep roots and continues to bear fruit. Mickey Sutherland, President of Pajak, approached us a couple of years ago and asked if we could help him with a nagging and costly problem. He was looking for a better solution to his daily field reporting needs for clients that engaged with them for their project management services. He told us that he wanted his own software solution that was both contemporary and easy to use. He was fed up with the expensive and complicated reporting service Pajak had been using for years and also wasn’t very impressed with the limited alternatives available to his company. His theory was, ‘Why don’t we just create our own reporting software and save money in the long run?’ So we got to work and built it for Pajak and for our Oilfield HUB service at the same time!

Today we are collaborating with the good people of Pajak on a number of levels. They have truly become partners in the delivery of our Oilfield HUB service as we are now able to affect change in the market with our suite of operations tools for Producers and EPCs. We are challenging the status quo by providing the opportunity for exploration and production companies to lower their operating costs and improve efficiencies. Together we have delivered a new and improved daily field reporting service plug-in under our Operations Report Manager (ORM) banner. It is now uniquely integrated with the other vendor management, supply chain and procurement services in Oilfield HUB. As a result we are now able to present this end-to-end solution to Producers and EPCs to provide them with a viable alternative to overpriced 3rd party software options or to help them get off their spreadsheet dependency while at the same time manage their field operations and vendors more effectively.


Pajak Engineering Ltd. is also involved with Oilfield HUB Inc. from a marketing perspective, as we are proud to include them as one of our VIP clients taking advantage of our HUB Advocate program. Pajak joined the HUB to extend their reach in the market and promote their expertise. They are an integral part of our Client Trial lead generation program whereby every time we offer a demo version of our ORM software it is provided courtesy of Pajak Engineering. HUB Advocates take on a much more involved role as thought leaders in the HUB’s online business community. Barry Rookes, Director of Business Development at Pajak, has also been instrumental in providing support to our successful HUB Connect monthly networking mixers. This is a monthly event co-sponsored by Pajak that helps bring together clients utilizing our Oilfield HUB service and participating in the online business community to share opportunities and discover how we can best work together for prosperity, especially now in this tough commodity price downturn.

Oilfield HUB could not ask for a better partner than we have in Pajak Engineering. Thank you Mickey Sutherland and the rest of the crew at Pajak.

headlines from the hub March 2016

Headlines From The HUB: Pajak Engineering Ltd. - March 2016






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March 2016 Issue of Oilfield PULSE