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January 2017 Issue

Price Vs. Cost

THERE IS HIDDEN MONEY IN HOW YOU MANAGE YOUR VENDOR NETWORK Oil and gas producers have a certain skill set based on the talent they need to find deposits of organic material that has rotted below the surface of the earth for the past... Read More »

January 2017 Issue

HUB Bytes – January 2017

Tips, Tricks & Inside Info For Oilfield HUB HUB Byte – Preferred Vendor Manager – Vendor Ratings Did you know you can customize your vendor ratings in Oilfield HUB? Producers and EPCs who are using the Preferred Vendor... Read More »

January 2017 Issue

Oilfield HUB Inc. Launches Chart of Accounts...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Oilfield HUB service and online supply network is a single source... Read More »

December 2016 Issue

Electronic Bids And Orders

Supply chain management in the oil and gas sector has an interesting grassroots history since the gusher at Leduc #1 nearly 70 years ago. Not that much has changed by and large. It would appear the modus operandi those wildcatter’s set... Read More »

November 2016 Issue

Meet Hubbard!

First Name: HUBBARD Last Name: None (Like Sting, or Madonna) Species: Tyrannosaurus Rex Hatched: Drumheller, Alberta Hello Oilfield PULSE readers! I wanted to pop in and introduce myself since you’ll be seeing me more... Read More »

November 2016 Issue

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Oilfield HUB Launches Master...

Oilfield HUB, the single source solution of tools focused on the operations and cost management... Read More »

October 2016 Issue

Can You Find Anyone Who Admits To...

When we first started discussing the Notley Review as a potential theme for an upcoming issue of... Read More »

September 2016 Issue

It’s A Nasty Game Of Whack-A-Mole Out...

When was the last time you played Whack-A-Mole? Probably at a summer fair of some kind when you were... Read More »

June 2016 Issue

Rally For The Cause

Rally. It’s kind of a funny word I think. What does it mean to you? The dictionary says; to draw or call (persons) together for a common action or effort. Kind of hits you where you live right now doesn’t it? It is time for all... Read More »

June 2016 Issue

HUB Bytes – June 2016

Tips, Tricks & Inside Info For Oilfield HUB HUB Byte – A Fresh Coat of Paint Did you know we are updating the GUI in Oilfield HUB? So what’s in a GUI anyway? The graphical user interface is the sum of the pages, data... Read More »

April 2016 Issue

HUB Connect Event: Plains Fabrication

Thank you to Plains Fabrication for hosting our latest HUB Connect Networking Mixer on March 30th at... Read More »

Headlines From The HUB: Authorized Impact Inc. – March 2016

Headlines From The HUB: Pajak Engineering Ltd....