Headlines From The HUB: reBOX Creative Inc. – February 2016

Date PublishedFebruary 24, 2016
CompanyreBox Creative Inc.
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Headlines From The HUB: reBOX Creative Inc. – February 2016



Headlines From The HUB: reBOX Creative Inc. - February 2016

Headlines From The HUB: reBOX Creative Inc. - February 2016

Oilfield HUB Inc. is pleased to introduce reBox Creative Inc. to our online business community. reBox Creative is a branding and communications firm who cures out what B2B companies should say before saying anything at all. They are the distillers of your brand and the ones who answer the question …….


That question is what struck us when we first met Robert Schmidt, President of Calgary based reBox Creative Inc. No one had ever put that question to us in quite the same manner. “Why You?” It is a simple question but the depth of meaning goes way beyond the two words. Robert pointed out to us that the question is not whether we know why someone would find value through our Oilfield HUB service, but rather do our clients and potential clients understand why they chose/choose us, and does that align with our own perception of our value proposition?

Definitely much larger questions than those two little words. The psychology behind who we think we are versus what people perceive us to be is as old as Pavlov’s dog. As we go about our business lives we convince ourselves that what we do every day is the best thing ever and all the people we meet should recognize that right away. Well, just because we rang the bell doesn’t mean anyone is running to our food dish.


The brain trust at Oilfield HUB Inc. recognized that, and with a little discovery, we chose to dig deeper into this phenomenon and put our value proposition to the test. As a result we have contracted with reBox Creative Inc. in an industry focused brand positioning and target market assessment engagement to help us determine our own answer to the question ‘Why You?’. Similarly, Robert took the time to understand what we are building here through our Oilfield HUB service and quickly saw the tremendous opportunity to engage reBox Creative in our online business community and to expand his reach to those who would most benefit from reBox’s enhanced brand positioning efforts.

In fact Robert is so enthused about what we are up to that he took his involvement further and enlisted as a HUB Benefactor. In this VIP client role as a HUB Benefactor, his firm takes on a much more involved lead generation and thought leadership position in the HUB’s online business community. The commitment with reBox Creative is to weave Robert’s team into our on boarding process with new clients and as a vital marketing resource for existing customers. All to better position our member companies in answering their own ‘WHY YOU?’ question. Ultimately positioning them to attract the attention of buyers using the HUB’s suite of operations tools, with the sales objective to foster new relationships and close more business. That is what Oilfield HUB is all about.

HUB-Benefactor-Icon-hightRobert understands the Why…how about YOU? reBox Creative Inc. is open for business on the HUB.

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headlines from the hub February 2016

Headlines From The HUB: reBOX Creative Inc. - February 2016






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February 2016 Issue of Oilfield PULSE