HUB Bytes – April 2017

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HUB Byte – Chart of Accounts – Project Type

Did you know GL Accounts in Daily Field Reporting can be designated by Project Type?

When configuring your master Chart of Accounts lists in Oilfield HUB, you have the option to identify what GL Accounts do and do not apply on a per project type basis. The GL Account designation by project type feature, is used to filter out the GL Accounts that don’t apply to specific projects; forcing users in the field to select from a smaller sub-set of project relevant GL Accounts when allocating their daily field costs in Oilfield HUB.

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HUB Byte – Prospect HUB Lead Generation Initiative

Did you know you can earn a ‘free forever’ Preferred Vendor service package in Oilfield HUB?

It’s all about growing the HUB from within through our Prospect HUB lead generation initiative. The program focuses on assisting HUB clients to grow their business by recognizing those clients who help arrange meetings with their customers and prospects for Leadstone to introduce and sell Oilfield HUB. Joint sales calls with Operator and EPC companies are arranged incorporating interactive product presentations profiling your products and services in sample order templates as the catalyst and focal point to demonstrate the value of adopting the HUB.


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HUB Byte – Company Website and Email Hosting

Did you know your Preferred Vendor service package includes free hosting for your company’s website?

Why pay to host your company’s website with another Internet Service Provider (ISP)? With your Oilfield HUB service package there is no additional fees to host your corporate website. Your service package includes a self-administered plan for hosting your website and your email accounts.

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hub bytes – april 2017

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hub bytes – april 2017






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April 2017 Issue of Oilfield PULSE