HUB Bytes: February 2017

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HUB Byte – Chart of Accounts

Did you know we overhauled the Chart of Accounts functionality in the Daily Field Reporting service module?

With our latest Oilfield HUB – Daily Field Reporting release, the Chart of Accounts function has been expanded to include new user permissions and centralized or decentralized lists configurable down to the project level. Now, all GL account details are managed within a single master or multiple Chart of Accounts based on your corporate reporting structure and field operations

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Chart of Accounts – HUB Bytes

HUB Byte – Preferred Vendor Manager – Vendor Lists

Did you know you can create multiple vendor lists in Oilfield HUB?

Many Producers and EPCs are searching for a better way to organize and control their qualified vendors versus managing these lists in separate spreadsheets or via contacts in multiple Outlook accounts. Oilfield HUB offers the exibility to work from one Master Vendor List or to create multiple vendor lists to match your head office procurement requirements and field operations. Custom vendor lists can be maintained at any level depending on the scope and geographic breadth of your operations, for example by corporate, country, division, region, field, project type and/or drilling programs.

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HUB Byte – Operations Report Manager – Status Flags

Did you know report work flow automation is built into Oilfield HUB?

Embarking on a drilling program, of any size, results in several wells and different projects operating simultaneously at any given time. Projects might include Construction, Drilling, Cleanup and Completions, depending on the stage of the well. To assist with the review, verification and distribution of daily field reports, work ow automation has been incorporated into the ORM module in Oilfield HUB. Project status flags automatically change colour according to the submission and verification state of the forms activated in each project.

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HUB Bytes – February 2017






Originally published in the 

February 2017 Issue of Oilfield PULSE