HUB Bytes – March 2017

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HUB Byte – PULSE Interactive Dedicated Company Page

Did you know when you join Oilfield HUB you get access to a PULSE Interactive dedicated company page?

Every client on Oilfield HUB gets a reserved spot on the PULSE Interactive – Connect Marketing Channel, on the Oilfield PULSE website, through your own dedicated company page. Any of your articles, stories and advertorials, appearing in a monthly issue of the Oilfield PULSE magazine, or the PULSE Interactive Newsletter are automatically posted to your company page on PULSE Interactive. In fact, all of your digital content, including press releases, product case studies, infographics, presentations, and company white pages can be syndicated online via your PULSE Interactive dedicated company page.

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HUB Byte – HUB Operations: Dual Company Profile

Did you know you can manage your own vendors in Oilfield HUB?

Your Oilfield HUB Preferred Vendor Service Package also includes a HUB Operations – Dual Company Profile. You can create and provide unlimited access to your own Master Preferred Vendor List, and multiple PVM Control Files, to all of your employees. You can also use the Supply Chain Manager feature in your Dual Company Profile to initiate sourcing inquiries, bid requests and authorized orders with your suppliers for the products and services you require to run your business.

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HUB Byte – Chart of Accounts – Cost Categories

Did you know GL Accounts in Daily Field Reporting can be configured by Cost Categories?

When establishing Chart of Accounts lists in Oilfield HUB users can associate Day, Rental, and/or Mud Cost Categories for each GL account. These settings are utilized to trigger how GL accounts are selected from picklists on the Cost Detail report when entering daily field project costs in Oilfield HUB. Wellsite Supervisors can easily choose from a streamlined list of GL accounts for allocating Day, Rental, and Mud Costs.

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HUB Bytes – March 2017






Originally published in the 

March 2017 Issue of Oilfield PULSE