Is Staying Alive Enough Oilfield PULSE October 2015

Is Staying Alive Enough

Date PublishedOctober 22, 2015
CompanyAxiom Worx
Article AuthorRobert Barnard
Article TypeOctober 2015 Issue
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Is Staying Alive Enough


Are you limited to survival, or can you thrive in the face of adversity?

There is no shortage of bad press around the current oil and gas economy. Every day, another company releases staff, reduces hours, or cancels projects. The first cuts seemed to represent a knee-jerk reaction to a sharp decline in commodity prices. Today however, companies are in a phase of strategic cutting.

Is-Staying-Alive-Enough-Oilfield-PULSE-October-2015It’s like being in a boxing match eye-to-eye with an outsized, muscle-bound opponent. How can you possibly make it 12 rounds with this behemoth? In this daunting stage, it is important to take a look at who is in your corner? Who is championing you towards success? It is from your coach you can become leaner, faster, hit harder, and recover quickly to each move made against you.

For those who just want to survive, this is going to be a harsh and painful ride. However, for those who engage adversity as an opportunity to improve, this is going to be an exciting time! While there may be struggle and pain on this road as well, the ‘win’ is worth it.

Axiom is no different than any other firm rooted in the energy sector. As a company that has traditionally provided support to oil and gas services, we too have seen a reduction in billable hours and slower sale cycles. How could we not be impacted? As part of this economic family, we have reduced our service costs to share the load and are exploring new opportunities in other industries. Our continued success hinges on our clients, and potential clients, flourishing.

For those who just want to survive, this is going to be a harsh and painful ride. However, for those who engage adversity as an opportunity to improve, this is going to be an exciting time! 

Today, as each of us takes stock of all our assets, it is important to look past starting levels and revisit corporate infrastructure. Do you know integrated and affordable solutions are out there? If your company has traditional silos of data, now is the time to take action and revisit these licensing chains leaching from your reserves. It is also time to consider letting go of legacy systems that may have encouraged adversarial empires to exist within your kingdom. Versatility and simplicity is the quickest way to recapture dollars on the table.

At Axiom we provide an integrated system capable of handling all traditional aspects of business operations. Staff members are cross-trained to make them more efficient and cost effective. Resource talents and capabilities are no longer isolated, inadvertently limiting potential.

Is-Staying-Alive-Enough-Oilfield-pulse-october-2015When this current market cycle has turned, what position do you want your company in? Do you want to look beat up and out of capacity? Or, do you envision a strong healthy body that is fast, fresh, and eager to grab hold of new growth opportunities? When the last bell has rung, did you only ‘stay alive’ or did you prevail a champion?

Embrace the challenge. Become better. AxiomWorx is excited to be in your corner.

Is Staying Alive Enough Oilfield PULSE October 2015

Robert Barnard

Is Staying Alive Enough-Oilfield-pulse-october-2015






Originally published in the 

October 2015 issue of Oilfield PULSE