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April 2017 Issue

Change Or Die Thriving In Turbulent Times

Oilfield PULSE Magazine April 2017 When prices are low, there is a slash and burn... Read More »

March 2017 Issue
Rehabilitation Of Industry

Rehabilitation Of Industry

Oilfield PULSE Magazine March 2017 Plains Perspective However, a rejuvenation of sorts does appear to be underway. There are many positives starting to show, including projects being restarted, hiring by producers and EPC’s is on... Read More »

March 2017 Issue
What Do You Do When the Phone Stops Ringing?

What Do You Do When the Phone...

Oilfield PULSE Magazine March 2017 Companies in Calgary have been singing that tune for... Read More »

November 2016 Issue

It’s Just Too Hard To Do Business...

Oh what a difference a day makes! President-Elect Trump. Who would have thought! The United States,... Read More »

September 2016 Issue

Diversify And The Beating Heart Of Commerce...

Even $45 is a sharp increase from the bone jarring drop to $28 a barrel we saw in January of this... Read More »

July – August 2016 Issue

Doing Business Abroad!

Just when we thought in June that oil prices had finally stabilized above the $50 USD threshold, we have seen another couple of months of lower prices and more uncertainty. We were hearing glimmers of hope and even hints of new drilling... Read More »

December 2015 Issue

You Can’t Be Everything To Everyone

It’s been quite the year with ups, downs, and inside outs. We’ve experienced an extended... Read More »

November 2015 Issue

Business Turnaround – Consideration On How It’s...

Where do you find the time to run the business? How do you create the time to think differently, or... Read More »

October 2015 Issue
The New Reality of Commodity Prices Oilfield PULSE October 2015 Issue

The New Reality Of Commodity Prices

In some ways, the past months can best be described by the Trammps, in that it has been a bit of a,... Read More »

October 2015 Issue

Survive To Thrive

Are you limited to survival, or can you thrive in the face of adversity? Sunwapta Solutions Inc. has been in business for over 15 years. Suffice it to say, we’ve been through a few economic cycles during that time ranging from... Read More »

October 2015 Issue
Is Staying Alive Enough Oilfield PULSE October 2015

Is Staying Alive Enough

Are you limited to survival, or can you thrive in the face of adversity? There is no shortage of bad press around the current oil and gas economy. Every day, another company releases staff, reduces hours, or cancels... Read More »

October 2015 Issue

7 Ways To Boost Oilfield Rentals

What Oilfield Rental Companies Should Consider Right Now Oilfield rental companies across... Read More »