Just A Little Respect…

Date PublishedFebruary 24, 2016
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Just A Little Respect…

Last month, as we all know, the world economic forum was held in Davos, Switzerland. The purpose of this annual event is to bring together economists, politicians, intellectuals, and business people to discuss the current global issues.

This was the first event our newly minted Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, attended, and his initial address has left many of us, not just in the West, but across Canada scratching our heads.

First of all, perhaps not understanding the election campaign is over, he referenced the former Prime Minister in a negative fashion. This was inappropriate on many levels, as has been noted by many political pundits. The former Prime Minister was actually very well respected at these forums, and many of the policies of his government had been admired by global leaders struggling with a worldwide recession after 2008.

Secondly, Trudeau also appeared to completely blow off the fact that Canada is still largely a resource-based economy. The implication that his government would focus on technology instead not only negates the huge amount of technology involved in our resource industry and the wide-ranging benefits these innovations have provided but also shows little respect for the value our resources have provided to this country.

Thirdly, it was interesting to note the Prime Minister sought out the head of General Motors, Mary Barra, to convince her to retain operations in Oshawa, Ontario in order to save 3,000 jobs. Now, maybe I’m missing something here, but it’s amazing to me that he would seek out an industry leader in manufacturing to save 3,000 jobs in vote rich Ontario while not only ignoring the plight of tens of thousands of people who have been laid off in the energy and resource sector but also treating our industry as though it is irrelevant.


One only needs to reference the map showing the existing pipelines to realize how silly it is to protest new and safer ones.

mapDon’t get me wrong. Those of us involved in the oil and gas industry and living in the West are not looking for government handouts. But, it is galling to me our political leaders, from the Prime Minister to certain provincial premiers and even some mayors, continue to protest advancements of pipelines and other technologies that will enable our resources to get to market. Yes, there will always be a slight chance of environmental dangers. However, that is not unique to the oil and gas industry. There are environmental concerns and dangers to every type of transportation, development, and manufacturing product that exists.

read-our-story-on-PULSE-InteractiveOur oil and gas industry has largely fueled this country’s economy and has been the base of providing huge amounts of money in the form of transfer payments to many of these areas that are now protesting the shipment of oil products across “their” land. Excuse me, but I thought the whole purpose of Confederation and being one united land was to be stronger, better, and more efficient and not to throw obstacles into the path of economic growth.

connectOur economy is struggling. Our dollar is struggling. Our oil and gas sector is struggling. There are many reasons, on a global basis, that are causing this latest economic downturn. We can understand that, and we can work with it. But, homegrown sabotage is a hard pill to swallow.

Like Aretha Franklin says, all we want is a little respect.

Nancy Boisvert
President & Marketing Director

Just A Little Respect






Originally published in the 

February 2016 Issue of Oilfield PULSE