Carbon Corner: Low Information Carbon Consumers

Date PublishedJanuary 28, 2017
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Carbon Corner: Low Information Carbon Consumers

We’re as Mad as Hell and We’re Not Going to Take This Anymore!

I’m a self-admitted news junky, particularly when the stories, videos and news programs provide some meaningful insight as to what external forces are adversely impacting the oil and gas industry. As the CEO of Oilfield HUB Inc., I strive to keep abreast of the issues that are impacting the profitability of our clients, the stability and prosperity of the oil and gas industry, the health of our economy, and the political policies that are, or will, influence the wellbeing of Canadians and our county. I guess you could label me as the furthest thing away from being a Low Information Carbon Consumer.

Carbon Corner: Social License – Shenanigans, I Call

Carbon Corner: Social License – Shenanigans, I Call

There is so much important information at our disposal these days that the average person simply overlooks or disregards it. Instead we are filling people’s minds with a constant streaming of needless dribble through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name just a few. Not to be outdone, LinkedIn has jumped into the streaming update bandwagon with hundreds and hundreds of posts each week supposedly to keep all of us informed and learning. Throw into the mix all the 24/7 cable news networks, online news aggregation sites, and left and right leaning opinion and pundit websites, and we have INFORMATION OVERLOAD! Yet in the face of this overwhelming access to information it amazes me that so many people are still uniformed, or worse yet, so misinformed about what is really happening in the industry in which they work, or their cities, provinces and country in which they live!

Why the rant? I truly believe our ideological political leaders in Canada are purposely using the low information sword against us to push their environment agendas, hidden carbon taxes, and redistribution of Canadian wealth. I think they intrinsically know that the majority of taxpayers and most voters are Low Information Carbon Consumers. Feed them constantly over social and other forms of media with high priced climate savior marketing messages while they quietly reach into our pockets with yet another consumption tax that is now built into almost everything we purchase today. Let’s pick on the easy targets, Notley’s NDP Climate Leadership Plan and Trudeau’s Liberal Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. How many business colleagues and personal friends do you know that have actually read either of these documents? Not many to be sure!

In Alberta, did gasoline consumption go down in January since the introduction of the carbon tax? Do any of us car owners and transportation companies know just how much the carbon tax cost us last month? How many homeowners and business owners turned down their thermostats to save on natural gas consumption in January? Do any of us know how much the carbon tax increased our heating bills last month? How many people and companies in Alberta cut back on their electricity usage in January to reduce greenhouse gases? Do people of all ages know how much our electrical bills increased last month due to the new carbon tax? I haven’t met one yet!

How about those indirect carbon tax costs for goods and services we consume? How much more money came out of the family food budget in January on your trips to the local grocery store? Did you pay extra for the food at your favourite restaurant or more for booze at your local watering hole due to the new carbon tax in January? Did you book any vacation or business flights in January that are now all a bit more expensive because of the carbon tax? I could go on and on with countless examples of how the carbon tax is following us around in every aspect of our lives!

In real terms, neither we nor our governments have any clue as to how much the new carbon tax is actually costing businesses, families and individual consumers! In this issue of the PULSE, you have read several articles about Price vs. Cost. We are all well aware as to Prices we are paying for the goods and services we are buying and consuming on a daily basis. But none of us are aware of the total Cost of the carbon tax for these goods and services. Many of us have heard about the $9 million Cost our government is incurring to sway Low Information Carbon Consumers that we need to lead today so we are not following tomorrow. We likely will never fully understand the true Cost of the government bureaucracy that has been created to administer the new carbon tax. Nor will we ever appreciate the Cost businesses across the province have had to incur to get on board with the carbon tax. Lastly, what will be the Cost to rip out the carbon tax after the next provincial election or once we determine that it has had no fundamental or meaningful impact on the reduction for CO2 gases, not pollution!

There’s got to be a better way! If we channelled these Costs into tax breaks and incentives for companies and their investors to reduce their GHG emissions, wouldn’t this be a better way? If we provided grants and rebates to companies and their investors to fund innovation and technology to reduce GHG emissions, wouldn’t this be a better way? If we exported this expertise and technology around the world to the countries and their billions of people who are living without electricity or green and clean cooking and heating alternatives, wouldn’t this be a better way?

Never, in my lifetime, in a country so very rich in natural resources, had I ever imagined that I would hear our fellow Canadians talk about energy poverty here at home. At what Price? How long will it take for our governments to realize the folly of their ideological and environment ways, and at what Cost to us all?

Get Informed and Let’s Axe the Tax!

Carbon Corner: Social License – Shenanigans, I Call

Kevin Turko
Oilfield HUB Inc.

Low Information Carbon Consumers






Originally published in the 

January 2017 Issue of Oilfield PULSE