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Undercapitalization Catch Resources Oilfield PULSE Magazine October 2014

Catch Resources isn’t merely about the oil industry. Catch is about the business of the oil industry.

Mutual Fund Trust Oilfield PULSE Magazine October Issue 2014

How To Sustain Your Business:

Part 2


Mutual Fund Trust Oilfield PULSE Magazine October Issue 2014-Catch-ResourcesBuilt on an entrepreneurial spirit and hands-on industry experience, Catch Resources Inc. knows that oil is their business through and through. In fact, the sole purpose of the Catch Resources team is simple: develop prosperous and financially solid oil emerging junior assets via the public market to grow free cash flow.


Since August 2011, Catch Resources has focused on developing as a company that can be sustained through the acquisition of producing and distressed assets, giving these acquired companies the autonomy to continue to grow their business / assets. Focusing on a fairly un-serviced sphere in the oil industry – micro-junior companies – Dale Galbraith, President and CEO of Catch Resources, highlights that the board of Catch Resources is committed to taking these micro-juniors and guiding them through to growth mode.

Galbraith is quick to admit that not every company suits the foundation that Catch Resources is built upon. “We recognize that we are going to enter into the micro-junior space, but we don’t want to sit there for very long…We’ve lined up additional assets to purchase over the next year. We understand very clearly that we’re starting in at 150 BOE/day, but we’re going well past the 1000-2000 BOE as quickly as we can.”

In fact, Galbraith says, “the sum of the whole, when all combined would be a better entity.” For Catch Resources, this comes down to finding the right assets with the right growth potential. Why? Catch Resources isn’t merely about the oil industry. Catch is about the business of the oil industry. As Galbraith puts it, “oil is a business.” It is this ideology of “oil as a business” that Catch Resources finds micro-junior companies that are sitting on their growth potential, then, through synergistic opportunities, takes them into a new space.


Catch Resources Undercapitalization Oilfield PULSEWhat’s unique to Catch is the opportunity that investors experience when investing in the company. It’s a company that taps into motivated individuals who want to actively be involved with their investment to the degree that they can be. For Galbraith, “it’s for individuals who want to get in [to investing] on the ground floor of an oil and gas company that has substance…It’s still risky and it’s still a difficult world to manoeuvre in, but if you eliminate some of those risks by building a better company and understand where you’re going, those things will lend themselves well to success.”

With this, Catch Resources is for individuals who are interested in having equity ownership in a start up. Right now, the smaller, motivated and knowledgeable investors with the same entrepreneurial spirit as the company’s board are really a great resource for a company like Catch Resources.


Catch is confident in the growth of their newly acquired asset, as well as who they are as a business within the oil industry, that, on October 16, 2014, they are hosting an event to highlight the launch of their Mutual Fund Trust. This event is their way of acknowledging and appreciating their current investors, as well as focusing on raising $10 – $20 million to go into the Trust that will fund the acquisitions of Catch Resources Inc. The focus of the event will be on who Catch Resources is as a company, the ideology they were built on, the assets they’re acquiring, how they’re acquiring assets, as well as what the yield investment would be through Catch Resources Inc.

“This Mutual Fund Trust is a unique vehicle as it’s designed to give a little bit more benefit to the unit holder, the person who puts money into the fund,” says Galbraith.catch resources

“We want to build a remarkable company. And we believe that if you’re going to build a remarkable company, you have to do it from day one when it’s much easier to put a culture in place. Our culture and ideology permeates everything that we do as we go forward…We really want to be a company that people would love to be involved in.”

Dale Galbraith
CEO & President
President Catch Resources Inc.

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