Oilfield HUB: New Member Offer!

Date PublishedOctober 4, 2013
CompanyOilfield HUB
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Oilfield HUB: New Member Offer!

Dare to be Different!

Look!  Up in the sky!  It’s a bird.  It’s a plane.  It’s ….. you know the rest.

When we are speaking with potential new Oilfield HUB members, invariably we get compared to other services that have come and gone before us, and likely to those that are still vying for your business.  We’re not bothered by these comparisons and think it is kind of flattering in a twisted sort of way.  They say imitation is the best form of flattery; however, Oilfield HUB dares to be different!

Is Oilfield HUB ……..

  • a directory ….. yup, your industry search engine on steroids
  • a form of advertising …. sort of, it includes display ads too
  • a marketing initiative …. for sure, one cornerstone of a broader marketing plan
  • a lead generator …. yeah, bid requests delivered directly to your inbox
  • a sales tool …. absolutely, respond to confirmed orders online
  • a collaboration system …. of course, directly connect with your customers on the web

Sure there’s more, but let’s stop there.  Still not convinced?  Business is all about results, and the HUB is no different.  As the saying goes, what did you do for me lately?  Advertising and one-way directories leave you wondering if they generated any business and did I get value for my money spent.  Sort of build it and hope they will come.  These initiatives, coupled with a digital marketing strategy can still be very effective in the oil patch.  But they can no longer stand on their own.  In the fast paced online environment, access to analytics to review your online presence and website traffic helps you tweak your content to bolster your lead conversion rates.  But you’re left wanting more!

But once bitten, twice shy!  If I did not get proven results with my last provider or marketing campaign, how and why will the HUB be any different?

At Oilfield HUB, we believe in the intrinsic value of both offline and online marketing, backed by results in real terms ….. new business.  Results that are measured by actual:

  • Sourcing inquiries received
  • Bid requests obtained and replies sent
  • Product and service orders delivered and accepted

These are our metrics, and that’s our mission with each of our members.  We are pleased to back this up with our Service Guarantee in our special Fall Promotion.

Is it a directory, is it an ad?  No it’s Oilfield HUB!

A sales and marketing extravaganza that can’t be beat.

Oilfield HUB_Special Fall Offer