Saskatchewan – The Foremost Manufacturing Hub That’s Primed To Produce

Date PublishedJune 12, 2012
CompanyLeadstone Group Inc.
Article AuthorAndrea Turko
Article TypeSummer 2012 Issue
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Saskatchewan – The Foremost Manufacturing Hub That’s Primed To Produce

Saskatchewan; the province associated with sprawling land that stretches as far as the eye can see, wheat fields, mineral deposits and the Rider Nation.  But manufacturing?   No, not many would add a burgeoning manufacturing industry to the list of what makes Saskatchewan great.  Well they would be wrong.

Saskatchewan holds an incredibly competitive edge in the oil and gas manufacturing industry.  Geared to deliver, Saskatchewan has achieved many world firsts.  From dry land farming equipment to roadside scales and satellite equipment Saskatchewan is on the cutting edge of state-of-the art technologies and equipment.

These manufacturers pride themselves in being innovative and collaborative, working together to become world leaders at what they do.  Made-in-Saskatchewan technologies like continuous mining equipment used in the potash industry and remote-controlled underground mining equipment as well as a wide range of other manufactured goods are largely exported out of the province to markets across Canada and around the world, deservedly earning Saskatchewan manufacturers their outstanding reputation.

Saskatchewan’s vibrant manufacturing sector competes largely in the areas of:

Food and Beverage Processing

  • Includes approximately 300 processors and 4,500 employees and produces
  • Flour, meat and fruit-based products, certified organic and specialty foods
  • Value of agricultural shipments increased by $304 million in 2011 compared to 2010

Machinery, Transportation & Industrial Equipment

  • Roughly 300 companies with complementary industrial processes and capabilities work together to produce world-class products
  • A world-class steel mill in the province provides high quality supply to the local industry

Chemical Manufacturing

  • Fertilizers, herbicides, chemicals for extracting and processing natural resources

Wood Products

  • Dimensional lumber, pulp, plywood, oriented strand board, treated posts
  • Secondary products such as furniture, cabinets, millwork and flooring

New & Emerging Sectors

  • World-class aerospace and defence supply companies
  • Pickup truck lids, front-end steel grilles, specialized military vehicles
  • Expanding into the specialty automotive and automotive accessory industry

Fabricated Metal and Machinery

  • Steel fabricators, salvage, scrap metals, oil field machinery, spreaders, pumps, welding
  • Custom metal fabrication industry is flourishing


  • Leader in agricultural plastics recycling
  • Developing innovative ways to manage on-farm plastic waste in an effort to reduce Saskatchewan’s environmental footprint
  • Programs being initiated to recycle previously unrecyclable plastics

With nearly a third of Saskatchewan’s manufacturing taking place outside of its two largest cities, there is a well-dispersed industrial base that has continued to grow over the years.  With nearly 30,500 employees and $12.6 billion in manufacturing shipments in 2011, there was a 15.2% growth compared to 2010 due to very cost competitive manufacturing.

Saskatchewan’s versatility to manufacture a variety of different products is what allows the industry to flourish in a prairie province known better for farming and football then for heavy weight manufacturers who successfully meet any customer’s needs, be it locally or abroad.

Saskatchewan may not be a province of bustling concrete jungles and fast paced corporate life, but it is a core of hardworking people, building a name for themselves as world-renowned manufacturers worthy of international respect.

* Information sourced from Enterprise Saskatchewan