Socialbles – Social Media In Oil & Gas

Date PublishedApril 24, 2014
CompanyStormhold Energy Ltd.
Article AuthorChadd Radke
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Socialbles – Social Media In Oil & Gas

Social Media and influential/strategic decisions have changed the face
of reserves versus resources in the canadian oil and gas industry

Let me start by saying, despite the “General’s comments” that social media has little or no effect in the oil and gas industry, I can strongly say he, yet again, is incorrect. Social media has changed the face for Stormhold Energy Ltd. in the many aspects we approach to business and has strongly influenced our resources versus our reserves.

When I started using social media, I was taken back by the crooked approach as many use this valuable tool disrespectfully. Yet, over the past two years, social media has found Stormhold Energy Ltd. opportunities and valued relationships that were unreachable in the past.

Social media marketing has evolved significantly over the past few years, and staying up-to-date on trends is crucial for success. One of the biggest trends is image-centric marketing rather than traditional text-based methods. Between 65 and 85 percent of people describe themselves as visual learners. This means they digest information more easily by viewing an image instead of reading text. Understanding this phenomenon can help optimize your social media marketing campaign and give you an edge over competitors who mainly publish written content.

ImageExtract-097Capturing the audience’s attention is paramount, because most people have a limited attention span. In an information age where data can quickly become overwhelming, people have to pick and choose among plenty of content options all begging for their attention. This has resulted in many people skimming through content to extract what they’re looking for.

When there’s a long-winded post with nothing but text, it can turn many visitors off, because they simply don’t have time to read through it. However, incorporating images is a natural way to grab attention, it’s the perfect motivating force to encourage visitors to stick around and explore content in greater detail.

Although, quality written text can be persuasive, some well-placed images can take it one step further. In our case, detailed seismic imagery entices our potential Joint Venture Partner to continue to read the supporting content. Creating breaks between texts gives people time to stop and think about points and concepts. This is especially important when attempting to explain how a product works, an app functions, or in giving step-by-step directions. The end result should be helping readers achieve a thorough understanding.

For example, supporting imagery assists the text data throughout our social media channels. The attached image encourages the reader to continue, and supports our data we have spent countless man hours on.

In addition, this platform has qualified our resource technical data and transformed our resources into reserves. As I have mentioned in past articles, our recoverable resource/reserve calculations are staggering and will soon be addressed in my Presidents Message inserted into our website at

sociables jpeg

Social media is intriguing to me for many reasons, including opening doors that have been a challenge for Stormhold Energy Ltd. in the past.

We have since established relationships with Global Standard Industries in New York City. Wow! What an interesting group. Our strategic relationship with this group of professionals is nothing short of amazing.

Recently, they invited me to Manhattan and walked me through operations I did not think existed. The way they approach business is beyond our reach. I am very pleased to have partnered with them and welcome all they bring to the table. This strategic relationship will certainly widen Stormhold Energy Ltd.’s approach to international business relations and relationships in general.

Through social media, I have also met numerous Asian companies. Two groups have travelled to Calgary specifically to meet our team of professionals, and we are currently working on a Large Joint Venture opportunity together as well as an outright purchase. This connection was through the social media networking site LinkedIn. They reviewed our resource estimates and qualified our resources transforming them into reserves. The technical background and experience they bring is simply outstanding.

Social media has also introduced Stormhold Energy Ltd. to local businesses, business professionals, and marketing networks that assist us daily.

ImageExtract-141I have met Mr. Dave Fream with Wentin Enterprises (1995) Ltd. This gentleman is a gem to say the least. His professional approach is second to none in Calgary, and his local and international contacts are simply incredible. His humble approach, networking ability, and attention to detail is very refreshing.

I have also had the pleasure to meet Char G. Woodman, with Char G. Photography ( Char, is one of, if not the leading, corporate photographers in Calgary and the surrounding area. Char is a corporate, commercial, and event photographer who understands our visual culture and the power of an image.

Char collaborates with her clients to create compelling images that have impact and reflect the style, message, and mission of your company. Did you know articles with images get 94% more reviews, and having photos and/or videos in a press release increases views by 45%? Char has a fresh approach to each project by sharing her innovative style while using only the most advanced photography equipment ready for print or web applications. Char quotes, “You know your company stands out. Let’s show the world why!”

Also, social media has connected Stormhold Energy Ltd. with Oilfield HUB. What an incredible and influential marketing and networking tool. Dave, Kevin, Andrea, and the entire team are fantastic and innovative, while proving professional insight, asking for nothing in return. Stormhold Energy Ltd. and all our shareholders are grateful to be able to work with Leadstone Group Inc. to say the least!

These strategic relationships are important to our business plan moving forward. As I have always said, “Surround yourself with industry leaders, business professionals, technical expertise, and hardworking partners. Understanding your weaknesses is key to improvement and growth.”

Please follow my next article as I touch on leading edge technology that will transform the oil and gas industry. This technology will be introduced by Leadstone Group and Stormhold Energy Ltd.

Chadd Radke, President CEO & Director Stormhold Energy Ltd.

Chadd Radke, President
CEO & Director
Stormhold Energy Ltd.