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Stormhold Energy Ltd. – News Releases

October 17, 2014 Stormhold Energy Ltd, issued a News Release today announcing the latest addition to... Read More »

Stormhold Energy Ltd. – News Releases

September 19, 2014 Mr. Dave Fream was added to Stormhold's team of consultants today. The Board of... Read More »

August 2014 Issue

Start-up: Another Example Of Success

Stormhold Energy's Beginning What makes Stormhold Energy different is that their door is always open,... Read More »

Socialbles – Social Media In Oil &...

Social Media and influential/strategic decisions have changed the face of reserves versus resources in... Read More »

Press Release

Strategy, Streamline, and Partnership: Just the Beginning

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact Andrea Turko Leadstone Group... Read More »

Being Sociable

It’s amazing how many organizations and businesses still don’t use social media. When I say it’s amazing, I really mean that. Any organization that does not already understand that social media is the key to their... Read More »

Nothing To Hide – A Story Of...

Chadd Radke, President and CEO of Stormhold Energy Inc., credits his small-town of Bowden, Alberta,... Read More »

Why I Joined The HUB: Supply Chain...

  “We have chosen to manage our drilling programs using Oilfield HUB’s supply... Read More »

Dirty Business – Inflated Invoices And More

Inflated Invoices, duplicate service providers, and offside transactions. Don’t be surprised... Read More »

Raising Capital – “At The Wood”

Raising capital as a startup Energy Company has more struggles than I had ever anticipated. From the... Read More »

December 2013 Issue

Corruption in the Industry

Bailouts, price dilution, and damaged trust. Where do I begin? When I took on this opportunity to write about Stormhold Energy Ltd., the oil and gas industry, and the struggles involved, I never thought the industry could sink... Read More »

November 2013 Issue

The Calm Before the Storm

I have always been a strong opinionated person to say the least, so in reading this, you may be offended. However, you may realize the truth behind the person, and possibly understand my position, as President/ CEO of Stormhold Energy Ltd.... Read More »