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April 2017 Issue

Procurement Predicament Best Practices

Oilfield PULSE Magazine April 2017 In a tight market, you have to do more with fewer... Read More »

April 2017 Issue

Lowering Procurement Costs: Getting Started

Oilfield PULSE Magazine April 2017 I once worked for a company whose owner was firmly... Read More »

March 2017 Issue
5 powerful exercises to rehab your business

5 Powerful Exercises To Rehab Your Business

Oilfield PULSE Magazine March 2017 The farmer grows the grain. Someone grinds the grain... Read More »

April 2016 Issue

How To Expand Your Business Outside Alberta

With the Alberta economy in a time of transition, it can be difficult to estimate when the activity will... Read More »

October 2015 Issue

The Plan To Withstand

We operate as if there will never be a rebound and be only minimal work. At this time, it’s very difficult to predict when the oil and gas activity will increase. As a junior oil and gas consulting firm, we watched the... Read More »

PULSE Interactive Newsletter Apr. 2015
Resource Management Innovations PULSE Interactive Newsletter

Leaders Must Steer ~ Not Row!

The title captured my attention recently (I was reading one of my dad’s old navy journals) and hasn’t let me go. As with many subject matters, they represent disciplines that are timeless truths (axioms) that each... Read More »

Powerful Women Of Energy

Suzanne West, Imaginea Energy, President & CEO "It starts from within". Changing an entire industry to collaboration and "AND" solutions for a sustainable future. Using words such as "mojo", "amazingness", and "Mother Nature"... Read More »